Whack Kids


(Verse 1)

Yeah, these whack kids don't even know what they taking about, like they don't even think before they make a shout, but I took a different route, so if you mess me you better get ready to brawl out, did this all on my own, while you sat on your phone, listened, and hated, I hope you know I'm the only one that benefits from the listens, because I make more money that why my neck glistening, and I'm so happy for all of you that listen, because whenever I'm put in a position I just don't know what to do, and all you doubting that but man just know that's true, everything was down hill since I meant you, you said I couldn't rap and you said it intentional, but when I look in bank account I have too many decimals, man we should call you and your team the group of unprofessionals, but when you see us, be calling us the expendables, something close to the federals, man your only hobby is edibles, like we the incredibles and you the unethical, man you'll probably drop out of school, nobody likes you, you probably don't diss me anymore because you know I'll fight you, so before you ever say some stupid shit again let me remind you, stop going around and spewing lies like you cool, we all know that you're not, you're over fronting because your moms a damn cop! No one cares so stop talking, man if I ever fought you, you wouldn't be walking so stop, and think about it, before you want to front, you better really be about it

Chorus: these whack kids don't know what they talking about like they don't even think because they make a shout don't even talk to me if you ain't ready to brawl out

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