Monday Loop (Interlude)


Chorus: This Is That Once, In A Life Time

Verse 1:

Stuck in this loop, always over here thinking about you, but I blew it and I knew it ever since you were with him, but I've tried to get over this using all my strength from within, but I guess it isn't enough so I just start to begin, to make all the days seem shitty, and feel like I'm in a loop, and then until Friday I stop and start again, then on Sunday I always think about Monday then just reloop again, and then it always just repeats and messes with my hallucinogens, but this comes once in a lifetime, so I always have to grind even through the nighttime, but I know I'll get where I need to be in the right time, so just try, to not be like me , and don't get stuck in a loop, and only talk to people that can handle the truth

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