Get it, Get it, Get it.... Get it up, Get it up

S.A. Smash is hard as hell, throw your tapes in garbage pails X2

[Camu Tao]

40 inch screamers
I shoot beams at treatment
The old flows now recent
We seeking pieces of trees's
You never considered we figured in life
Would spike lined with creases
Pipe bomb to pieces
Write rhymes to tease 'em
And I'll go there till me life lines deleted deleted
Easily beating you
Eating poisonous season
We're pure and sure
That we'll never leave a scorch in the war breathing
Yeah, fight from a porch breathing
I kinda like this kid beefin
We ain't ballin, we fallin from grace
Caught up in cases
You wasting time
While we grinding all days
Get it up
Run quick
Run and tell em to come quick
Up in your world, doing your thing
Using my words
Probably speaking, you see the boys a genius
Ignore the kingship
Rock past your beacons
So when we run in to break our place in fate
Place your {?} piece on the plate and
Return back to where the place where you started from
We the hardest, regardless son
Get ready for the harvest
All coked up, smoked up inside apartments
Thinking that you cartilage
Wishing you wasn't part of this
Cause your ho was'nt there from the-gining
We kick retarded shit
S.A. Smash is hard as hell, throw your tapes in garbage pails X2


Who want it
I put that on a blade and put it in your stomach
Columbus, Ohio is where I created a style that you run with
It's something funny when he showing [?] in public
Mouth is running like a fountain but you ain't about nothing
It's time to take it there, we ain't playing fair
If you wanna ride the metro, player pay your fare
Cause nothing on this fucking planet is free
Not food, not shelter, not even the air that you breathe
So take the [?], want it, keep runnin
Like the beefs coming, then eat something or sleep cousin
I don't give a shit really
You won't leave until your mouth is open like a split philly
These kids kill me, talking bout they wanna be stars
Stand in front of me then front on me dawg
Now, lets take it back to the hood where you don't even exist
Where Ramen Noodle chicken flavor was the reason to spit
To eating condiments
To keep it real, I could be captivated, just like the [?]
Mentality is savage, so I keep dogs
Turn the heat off in the kitchen if you can't stand it
Freeze the whole planet
Actin evil, you can put that in your needle and shoot
Because you're eager and you needed the proof
Nigga Please
I walk like a pimp, talk like a preacher
Creature of the night
Feature presentation, Eat you on the mic
Bad treed stems and the black weed up in your pipe
Actin evil, you can put that in your needle and shoot

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