Letter To Self


(Verse 1)

Yeah, just dreaming of when I made it, made it through all the shade and now I'm full time paid, got everything I've ever wanted all I've ever needed, I always told you so, so you best know that I succeeded, and I'm so glad I proceeded with this career, this has taught me how to vent and face all of my fears, seeing my fan base grow up, like I blew up and I did, now I hope you know my whole life people tried to get rid of me, now they want me full time because they want be with me, and get famous, this Is a message to my future self, don't push yourself, and make sure you follow your limits, because if you over due it you'll just get too tired, and before you know it you'll be retired, man maybe even fired, don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do it, cause your gonna succeeded, and exceed your goals, man I swear you'll make it to the gold, just work hard and do what you love, you got a blessing man don't waste it, if you go through any pain just take it!, I swear you'll make it, I swear You'll make it happen, and just know this is your passion, don't let anyone get to you
And just do what you gotta do, and Pursue what you love, and go above the haters, cause they'll just put you down, because life like a big obstacle In front of your optical to slow you down, but just know that your good karma will finally come back around
I'm not gonna give up, I'm gonna do this for me, for us, the people that know what's up, my momma, my dad, TRL, man I'm gonna go through hell and back for this, just for a good future, and not be a sore looser, this is always what I've wanted since I was seven started recorded my songs when I was only 11, now I'm almost 13, never quit what I love, so just consider this message me, you're gonna make it and don't ever doubt yourself, and don't ever try to make life repeat itself I'm gone

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