The Clock Is Ticking


(Verse 1)

Uh, the clock keeps ticking, and the more it does I just stay winning, people judge me on my age instead of the talent that I'm bringing, and it's been like this ever since the beginning, it's bullshit, can't I do something I love, I guess not cause all I do is get pushed and shoved, just let me do what I want, what's the big deal, at least I'm not out doing drugs and trying to get killed, the only ones that see what I see are real, and I'm already over here signing hell of deals, and I've had a lot of people say I hit them in the feels, and that's for real, cause they know my rhymes be Feeling hella chill, don't let anyone doubt you because look how far I came, I got my debut on iTunes and I came far in the game, I thought this shit was just gonna be a hobby not a career that I wanted, but god damn I love this shit don't even get me started

(Verse 2)
This shit will be everlasting because this what I've always wanted
And I just stay grinding, and try not to make Myself so close minded, and try not to think about negative shit, and about our corrupt president and the hate in this world a bit, everything is too full of hatred, can't we change it, and maybe re arrange it, I won't judge you on your political opinions, but when you start judging people for the color of they skin then, yeah I will and you best believe it, It took MLK Years to achieve his dreams and he finally
Did it and he was left on a crime scene, but he did it so people weren't judged by they genes, and that by any means they could be treated equal and not as different people, but that's all gonna go away, the days are full of hate, there's rally's in the streets and all over the state, everyone needs to calm down it will be alright, nothing bad will happen unless we all fight

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