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Against The Wall


(Verse 1:)
Time again... I... lose it all
Back... against... the wall

But then I met a person who could make a brighter day
Brightens up the sky with a smile by the rain
Did I tell you that I love you very much?
Hold on lemme take a moment to explain
It's so weird with the circumstance
It's so insane how you make me blush when I'm with you
Guess I could tell you deep within my mind
I know the person that you are. Well you're hella kind
(Chorus) [Instrumental]

(Verse 2:)
If love was just a drop then I'll send you the sea
If my heart was just a lock then I'll give you the key
This world is feeling smaller than the earth I thought before
What are the chances?
This is one a trillion. Stuck here thinking the numbers
Because there's like seven billion people in this place
I keep it cheesy. Well you always make me speechless...
Because I keep over thinking what I'm about to say
And what I'm about to say... might just sound so crazy
So just keep that in mind, because I know that your amazing
And you give me a light when my heart is about to break
And I'm feeling so blind. Let's go
(And the shark's in the pool. And I'm feeling sublime.)

(Chorus) [Instrumental]

Maybe we can have it all
This ill. We always fall

(Chorus) [Instrumental]
[Outro] [Vocals]

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