Jezz Gasoline

Big Opps America


[Verse 1: Jezz Gasoline]
Bitch I'm back on the H-Block
Same vest but a new Glock
Who's these new opps?
Fuck 12
I hate cops
Big Opps got my face hot
Free the guys
They got state time
Free Rasha, free A-Rod
Lil bitch I'm Get Straight
Gets money
I need mine
So all calls get declined
Got no time to hear she whine
I Can't lack
I keep mine
So keep my name out them weak lines
Tired of these goofys talking about Hot-Rod
And they did not do that
You got shot already
Who did you shoot back?
Pussy boy gotta prove that
Fuck a blicky
We got choppas
Don't come through here tryna shoot that
What's the make it back to your boo facts?
Last nigga pistol got removed
Along with his shoes facts
Too hot to talk New facts
They like, "Jezz, why you do that?"
Lil Mister
How your ass gonna last on the strip
When your ass getting stripped?
Pop Out when it's fog
No analog
But I Move with the sticks
60z, fuck a 30
When this milky rock
You better be sturdy
Albion Court
I call Rah Swish
Now we doing drills in a jersey
You Not a big opps
You don't spin no blocks
Why you think nobody's worried?
Most of my niggas got in they bag
Most of they niggas got buried
They like, "Jezz Hot like fever"
I'm on that young pop
When he did Ether
The last nigga was just tryna get pizza
Instead of Dominos
Should've got Little Caesars
Now his ass is deceased
No bikes
Just SRTs And CLS
When I say gun beating like Blaze
Cause we beat him to death
I Know some Apes
But I'm not talking Ape when these shells beat on your chest
So much opps
Don't know who to shoot
But they know what to expect
Close-range face shots
Bullets When through his specs
Got the opps all upset
But they ain't do nothing yet
Yellow tape and choppers
Somebody got hit
Hit the rock
I was jacking my shit
Shoot a nigga
Then go bump my whip
[?] tryna flip niggas shit
This real life shit
Free Stu
They tryna give bro some shit
Flo dope
This shit is like a brick
And you softer than the lines that you sniff
Gotta be high off that shit
Don't care if you got it
Beam on the glizzy
You could die with that shit
Yeah, I'm with the shits
Shoot a nigga while he with his bitch
Yeah shawty it's Litt
730 Locos, just talking shit

[Verse 2: Paparattzi Pop]
1 thing's for sure
2 things for certain
They ain't making it back to they bed if we see niggas tryna ride to Wortman
All black suits and hearses
227 Sullivan
Knock knock
Hello come again
Make them think we UPS
Once they open up
We coming in
Yeah I'm on that type of time
Get your gun and get your gang
Slipping it's gonna be some wicks
Whole lot of picture frames
Ain't no competitors
I'm here to let niggas know
This is Big Opps America
Pillow talking to these bitches
My drop is the thottie that's laying in bed with ya
Niggas be talking about spinning through Linden
But niggas ain't slide through yet
Blaze died
Who's next?
Say my name and you next
I like all this talking niggas doing
Keep that energy when I run into you
I ain't tryna be friends, homies, or none of that
Nigga I'm tryna he rid of you

[Verse 3: Kj Balla]
Big Opps America
We way ahead of ya
Tell ya niggas, "ain't no letting up"
DOA if he stepping up
Got the Baretta tucked
Sliding 4 deep in a Tesla
Y'all niggas retarded
The beef that y'all started
Big Opps
All my niggas is heartless
We spinning regardless
We aim for the targets
We slide through your hood in the darkness
What's the actual facts
Niggas got on me
Yall talk y'all shit but y'all never gon' faze me
Tutu Blicky
That boy is a baby
In the 3rd
Plobably still wearing Blaze tees
Y'all niggas done started some shit
Put me on this beat
I'm the big opp himself
Y'all niggas some kids
All y'all do is rap Beef
Might as well body yourself
New beginning
Niggas never On SHIT
When they catch an op
Always say they gon kill something
It been years
Y'all ain't kill nothing
Big Opps got no chill button
They jacking DOS
Never got no glizzies
How y'all gon' dump on sight?
I just feel like I had to remind niggas that y'all Mans really died on a bike

[Verse 4: Elz Tay]
Niggas Talking About The drop
But never spin no fucking blocks
Give him 16
Ima leave that nigga on the big screen
And fuck That other nigga Coca
Ima put that nigga on the poster
I sit back and smoke Queezo
Run up on me
Let the head blow
6 shots for Breezo
And this glizzy on me is illegal
Kush Blicky
You a bitch
You ain't really with the shits
260 to my dick
You can tell the Folks this
I stay with the loaded clip
One in the head
You can catch this hot shit
Slide up on B Block
Ima show you how this heat flock
GLLTTT Bow when we spin blocks
Mars Had Nowhere to go
Dead niggas In The toll
I hit a lick then hit the road
Bamaz always on the go
Bamaz always on the go

[Verse 5: Ace Numbafive]
Headshot left his brains in a mess
Fuck paramedics
Tell Housing come clean 'em up
Get money
We sliding in BMW trucks
Lil Folk niggas talking
They see enough
Lil Mister
Are you dumb?
We 'gon drive to Chiraq with guns in the trunk
I catch an opp
Leave 'em slump
Better ask my opps
With you, slide just for fun
Who the fuck is 22Gz?
Who the fuck is 16?
Who the fuck is Kush and Khay?
I pull-up on em
Let it spray
After this shit
Niggas 'gon hate me
Keep a gun
It don't come with no safety
Why the opps calling backup for they beef?
They all linking up for they safety
These niggas is pussy
These new opps is rookies
Why you talking?
I don't understand
They talk like they with it
They say that they 'bout it
But still ain't 'gon ride for they mans
I see you in traffic
It's litt for you
Might roll up some Blaze in a spliff or two
Tay Tay out the trunk clear my visuals
But I'm only rolling cause I'm sick of Poo

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About "Big Opps America"

A diss track to Blixky gang members, (22gz, Nas Blixky, and more) with shots sent at Chicago GD rapper Lil Mister

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