Kyle Goodspeed

Outer Space


[Verse 1]
ANoyd told me "Don't ever look down"
So I started stargazing, I was amazed and
Found inspiration I haven't found in ages
No pages, only a bunch of chapters
Everybody nowadays fakes it like a bunch of actors
I'm looking for the answers on this planet I may not find them
Most humans I try not to mind them
They just want me to do what they say like they Simon
You got paper for your weed but no paper for your needs after it
Instead of working hard they try to ask for it
It's like they're okay with the asterisk
And they're not concerned about the after risk
Unfortunately that's not a quarter of the half of it
That's why I never pass the piff
I'm heading to outer space and you can't get a lift
Focus on your own shift, I ain't talking about no day job
This world is already too hopeless as it is
I'm just hoping I won't give
I'm just trynna fuckin' live

Lord I wanna love this place
But a lot of lives on earth go to waste

People nowadays just copy and paste
And any thoughts of their own are erased

Man oh man I need to go to outer space (x1)

[Verse 2]
I need to be alone with these thoughts of my own
Luckily for now I got my room in my home

But eventually it'll all start to change
Might have no where to go or even change
I hear shots fire but I know they're out of range
The hate is nothing new, to me it's nothing strange
I will prevail because my thoughts set sail
Into the night sky, I'm vibing off the right high
I'll never let the light die, I guess that means I'm the right guy
To walk my path and make my dream an actuality
Because only you and yourself determine what your value be
Now value me, because I value us
And our whole entirety
I never want to see society demonstrate incorrect propriety
So I try and contact the higher me to save us all before we fall

But the path to my sanity is just down the hall
I'm running out of space, I need to go to outer space

[Hook] (x2)

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About "Outer Space"

This song has a dark tone to it, but if you actually listen you’ll discover there’s a positive message to it.

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