No Love



She want my love
She want my trust
She wanted us
She wanted us


I gave her everything that I ever had
Took my love, now she want it all back
I got hoes in the back
Doing all that
Shooting movies on the mattress
OD make the magic
My heart be so tragic
I got molly I got lean
Tell me what you need
I'm OD


[Verse II]

She wants all my love
She want all my lust
I gave her all my trust
I gave her all my love
I can't do no more
She hurt me to my core
Now my heart broken
It's in the open
I was always spoken
You know what I do
Pop a little molly
Chill with the crew
Bring the codeine
You know what I do
Molly on my tongue when I eat her
Now she's high to

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About "No Love"

No Love is a single from the dark moody artist THEOVRDOSE

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