Put In Work


Dan Lee say he want me hop up on this beat
Too much sauce, got yeezys on my feet
Ice so cold that it turn on the heat
You be catching Ls Imma call you Meek
Yeah I'm flexing on my ex, call me 21
Like somebody got the draco niggas better run
I've been clutching up for nothin', better step it up
I'm 'bout to take off in 5,4,3,2,1...
They niggas fake, niggas safe I can't even lie
Imma go Mayweather on them, nigga rock-a-bye
Police them askin' all them questions, all I do deny
And I'm friends with Caillou, call me Clementine
Runnin' by myself don't fuck with me, I go berserk
How you gonna say you want somethin' but don't put in work?
Almost at the top of the mountain, last few days gonna hurt
So I don't wanna see you flex unless you put in work
I'm on the grind, on the hustle please don't waste my time
Remember when I used to struggle just to find a dime
Almost at the top, so you know it's my time to shine
Countin' up my bankroll, lost my track so many times
But I been grindin' my ass off, that's what you don't realize
I'm comin' through with my draco, nigga rock-a-bye
Imma bake a nigga slide him in the oven like a pie
I ain't on that Fetty Wap shit but you know I got one eye

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