La, la la la la la
[?] nigga
La, la la la la la
I got my bros in this motherfucker with me
La, la la la la la

I said feel my pain, I'm just tryna maintain
A lot of niggas in the game just did it all for the fame
I mean I love this shit like Mitch but how the fuck can I switch
Them petty dollars turn these niggas from a man to a bitch ?
Still tryna get it, I swear, I'm havin' blues like a Crip
Aim from a distance, my Stephen Curry hang out the clip (ha)
That's a thirty 'cause these niggas play dirty
My momma need her oldest son, can't let these fuck niggas hurt me
Fightin' cases in that court, them crackers givin' out jerseys
Not to mention that they killin', look what happen to Meat
It's all good lil' bro, I got it covered like sheets
We was born with less than what we dream so we achieve in the streets (ha)
And milk the game like a carton
No wonder why the king had a dream like Martin
Lames milkin' me too, prolly why they tryna bargain
I'm just tryna buy a coupe that you ain't seen in the market (ha) We get fly just to fly that's the way it go
I swear a nigga hated traffic since the merry-go
'Cause ion like niggas in my way
And I'm like candles on a cake 'cause I gotta blow
And if them hoes ain't fuckin' then they gotta go
We kick 'em out with no pressure, nigga, vamonos
Straight to the chips, we gettin' cheddar
My nana havin' heart failure but it's gettin' better
We take this shit one day at a time, I'm on my grind
I looked at the clock and that shit said its my time
So I gotta blow, I gotta go, I gotta get it
Nigga playin', we was tryna run it up, ayy, that's that fitness
La, la la la la la
Yeah, yeah, [?] shit
La, la la la la la
Get your motherfuckin' head just split
La, la la la la la
La, la la la la la
La, la la la la la
La, la la la la la
La, la la la la la
La, la la la la la

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