Bitch Ima make it now anyway
I can lay this shit down anyway
Niggas that hate are just in the way
Regardless of you I'm still getting paid

Bitch Ima make it now anyway
Running this shit while you run in place
I got the juice now no Minute Maid
Fuck up out my face if you in the way

Verse 1

End of 21 time to get it done
Tired of waiting for better luck
When my blessings come thank God above
He the reason I glowed up
Time for me to show up no more slow bucks for me
Couldn't buy a fuck from me nah nah this dick ain't free

Neither's this beat If you rapped on it
Leave it to me it's a wrap homie
I got beats with the raps homie
Now my fee's a couple racks homie

I got talent out the ass homie
This sound like more then a fad don't it
Get the fuck out my way
You not tryna get paid get the fuck from me

Verse 2

I been broke for too long
Time for me to sing a new song
Time to manifest say it with my chest
Stack checks like coupons
I don't give a fuck what you on
All that matters what my team on
When the team strong we go beyond
The fronting shit that y'all be discussing

Got time but I don't trust it
Got drive but i keep bussin
Tryna make hit after hit like a nigga Barry bonds or something
Am I the best that's a fair assumption
Shout Out them niggas who can barely function
Less it's about progress I don't check for it got no time to discuss it

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