When shit hard like medusa
I ain't gon be the loser
All that shits a illusion
Ima ball like Hoosier

Verse 1

Verse 1

22 bout to turn 23 garunteed I gotta get it now
Been a fantasy for a minute think my enemies think that I'm finished now
Can't give it up I'm reinvented
Making hit records now my business

Think I'm berry Gordy of my Gena-
Ration watch my formation enter
Full form make haters look like sue storm
Mad ya hottest songs is lukewarm
Ain't nobody ever in the mood for em

Motherfucka it's my season fuck SkySeason
Tried to be kind but niggas think I need em
Lyon to themselves bashing my name like it'll help
Hell fucking naw I been doing this too long
To ever owe anybody any kind of a shit
Fuck the modest shit I'm too proud of this
Niggas counterfeit that is not a diss
That is real shit don't fuck with me

Swear this games fixed good luck with it
Bitch I'm over it lost trust in it
Got me wondering what the fuss really is
Rather get rich as fuck
Result of never giving up
Get a check and then I run it up
How you mad a nigga coming up

You just mad ya life is weak as fuck
Get ya girl and get up in her guts
Pussy money weed is a must
High as fuck laying in the cut

I been going through my lows
Still been the Goat on the low
Going through the most less I won't settle for
Losing ain't what they give medals for

Killa season turn ya camera on
Man I Been a genius all the shit I'm on
I been manifesting using all my blessing saying fuck the stressing I don't fear no more
Fuck second guessing keep ambition close
What you bitching for gon make some money
Bitch You wishing for what i done already
Tryna count some Fetty on a private jetty

This my Genesis fuck a 10-6 ain't no benefit
Rather flick my wrist and make my chips invest the shit can't live life as a pessimist

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