Chris Winston

W.O.M.A.N (Waiting On Me Ain’t Necessary)



Yeah I know you think I'm petty

I just think I wasn't think I wasn't ready

It's not we were getting married

So waiting on me ain't necessary

Waiting on me necessary x2

I love you still yeah I said it

But waiting on me ain't necessary


I fucked up I was fucked up

Didn't think of us there's no more of that
There's no going back can't get the feeling back

Really wish I could take that moment back

You the realest always kept a stack

With a nigga and wish I couldve been the man

That you need in ya life always treated you right

But distance made me forget feelings fast

Kinda figured we couldn't last tho

Long distance ain't my forte

So when the henny got in me I lost my dignity

A trait that made me a enemy to you

Now it's fuck me cuz your hearts cold

Hurts my soul we won't be close

I got tunnel vision rn

Id rather get closer to my goals

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