How it feel to be the man before anybody knows it
So you start getting money so you never have to show it

Man i know all too well
Making records that i pray gon sell

Nigga fuck that


Im getting this money x3
Making money till i die and spending it like i won't
I earned this shit
Ima do whatever i want with the shit

Verse 1

Its just me and my famos
Out for them bucks like we fleed up in camo
Look like we sell them things off a piano
Whip you some work i know you can handle

Out for them bills like we started a scandal
Cause i came real shit got tangible for me
I dont how im expected to feel
I cannot live broke i dont know how it appeals
To some niggas you could be living in the slums nigga
And still overcome it thumbing through blue hundreds
Momma never had alot but made it seem that way
So when i get paid she gon see that change

Like a cashier im cashing out not wanting what you handing out
My plans finally mapping out raising my cash amount
Im on my shit till i see them checks
I won't rest like chess ill knock you out your spot

Money ain't everything i just want everything
Shoutout richard wright he killing everything
Play my shit i hope it get a nigga inspired
To get this paper living like we retired

I was 15 first time i worked for a check
Got addicted to the feeling i been on it ever since
Now im getting paid for using what was heaven sent
That shits a blessing im so invested


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