(Full Force Frank - Affliction)

[Verse 1]


What's a lookie loo like you wanna see me, a con, for?
Weapons, this isn't the yard
Still get this when it's support
Even tourists get the picture, this isn't for visitors
Sure, snitches get stitches
Or prison stints get cut short
Mention the starts
Memories get flushed, trust
Busy bees buzzing, get stomped, disgusting
Stop discussin' and fussin'
The fuzz, cuz, if they hand cuff me
Then somebody's suffering the repercussions of fuckin' with my fans
Cuz, what the fuck do you care?
Really, if the blood spilling
Lead to your family, but it can be
If you keep rambling


You don't have to come and confess, we're looking for you
We're gonna find you, we're gonna find you
You can run and tell that
Run and tell that
Run and tell that
Homeboy, home-home-homeboy
Homeboy, why you wanna snitch on me?
Homeboy, why you wanna lock me up?
Homeboy, either you can hiss, be free
Homeboy, I guarantee that jaw will bust

[Verse 2]

Believe me, there'll be no peace
No sleep
I won't cease 'til the people keep their peepholes closed
And don't speak
Lethal, Devil secrets if hell to pay
Leave you leakin' in the streets
Nothin' else to say
They should have told you, don't tell on them, know this
My show will control over your aura
The home, your vocal
Altogether, better know
Better don't
Ever suppose to the pole
Those people in low places with no faces nor no photos
And let the case grow cold, then close
Or lose those you hold close
You're alone, zip code is so close



(I drink your blood & I eat your skin)

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