[Intro: Samples (?)]
A new study shows more Florida children are living in poverty
And the problem is worse in Palm Beach County
Than in many other-

There's no telling my kids that we can't eat
I'm not taking no 'cause my babies don't deserve that

I was born and raised here
I lived here 33 years
I thought things would change
But I see it ain't changing much
(Can I get you to spell your name for me please)
N-O-Z-double L, I just told you
(OK would you spell your last name?)

Awhole lotta bullshit that's on my mind. so I gotta to clear my throatz. see the long way most of my folks done Came on down. sacrafice never fake the funk. cuz my ken jumped off the porch. had one little dream live life till he dead and gone. till a weekend came somebody say he took his shoes. he was no where near the store
See the south got plenty more. and we got good ideas and a lot to boast. but when it get about time for a nigga to get his credit right. they act like they don't know. see the fact I grew up poe. with a big front yard. grass it ain't even much grow. grandma lived right next to us made grits. on a old steel wood stove
See the way We raised Tho. much ain't paid for. ain't much ain't earned. still gotta feed you cheurn. ain't got no car just walk and the sun gone burn. momma said you gone learn. I guess I did. look at all the hate I earned on a back of a bus like we ain't free. driver got a brand new perm


Yeah we ain't playing round here. it's a whole lot we can talk about im bout to make this clear
In dirty south. we love to talk about rim. got soul food, our own slang. we educate our self
South got sum to say
South got sum to say
Don't know what you hear or spoke about

Verse 2:

See the south got none to loose. And all to gain, I'm the first be the one to prove. most states based off the trade of black slaves. Government document the proof
In the end we still in chains. I don't own my name. had to give away it too
The soil we grow this cotton on. Caint even buy you a shirt or two
The man will push you down you gotta hold your crown know when to fold and leave. say shit when a folk ain't talking to you mind yours. used to be hung on tree's
Now we talk bout lavish things cuz a nigga ain't never have shit. got a mouth full of gold two grand in tattoos cuz we don't even wanna be missed. ain't that a bitch
Lend you a pot to piss in a window with no curtain screen. no money saved for things to get fixed, but yet you got you an ounce of weed
Got mouths to feed. your land lord came. need a oil change. and the bathroom run like a marathon chewing on sugar cane


[Outro: Eric Biddines]
I remember growing up in this little town
Used to be a local cafe right there across the street
Black owned
On Sundays they would give the kids ice cream
Hell the best cup of coffee I ever had came from my local cafe
Now that I think about it

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