Darius t Whit

Erased Feelings


Lately been fighting with all these spirits nobody they really hearing crowd empty no one is cheering souls often be disappearing

We smoking we to the ceiling erasing all of my feelings she told me she said I'm different i told her its just my wisdom

But really mind just gone I'm content chilling at home weak hearts turned into strong pouring thoughts into this song

That year i was on the road mama told me world was cold, didn't want to believe her till i got out and i froze

Can't stop her from texting calling me wondering why she'd fall for me putting it out so call can see pondering what we all could be

Times past i guess I'm the contrast from these niggas out flashing cash but what they really bout
One day people gone catch on my homie died so rest on we grew up together days was better now I'm stressing

This world falling apart stand your ground put up your guard remember when times was simple we hooping up at the park

Chilling crack the windows while records play you owe the drug dealer money nigga you better pay after just stay away they say I'm slept on but i stay awake, shouts out to the legends they paved the way

Ill never forget you niggas its written in my notes music the inspiration i hope it gives you hope then again its my religion gather crowds man its a cult

You saying what you saying but I'm knowing what i know

So keep the real ones by your side and see if they down to ride keep working that 9 to 5 thank the lord the you're still alive

Because bad shot happens often somebody die everyday that equals families carrying out the coffins

But peace love and happiness one day i will be champion i got the magic stick and ill pass it to your chick

So just keep striving on and study styles that you're blessed with

They try to preach to you when they forgetting the message

We all want be the flies is it dress codes or who can really dress the tightest who can buy it

They talk behind your back think what half of them say

The only times you seeing family if they passing away, Damn

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