Believe I don't believe in wasting time
I don't mind if you don't end up mine
Today is just a day we both rewind
Coffee love
Can we have a cup of coffee


No need to wait to do tomorrow what you can today
Sometime we think we have the time so we procrastinate
Remember you said if I'm free and have the time then we should link and have some coffee at a cafe but it's not a date
I'm never not busy I'm always on the meter but I text that you should call me got a hour we should meet up
Reply that you would hit me in 5. You wit yo people text the address of the place a smiley face Can't wait to see ya
Got on the road a area I never knew bout. Love the energy like you predicted how you knew I
Would dig this type of scene the decor is off the chain only met you couple times often I forget yo name
Evaluate Without the knowledge Of my kind, get the wrong impression till you read the book you'd be surprised
Got us a table by the window. You walk in like you own the place I wave so your attention get my signal



She gave a simple lil hug before she set down. Weather nice today so was her color eyes brown. Forgot how nice she looked don't recall her being this fine
I must not payed attention cuz this never crossed my mind
Asked me did I order I didn't was waiting for you. To get here I was chillin it was cool ain't nothin boring
In town a couple more days I been recording I fly back to Florida Friday got a meeting in the morning
She said I'm ready to order want you to try the coffee. They got a blend I'm sure you like a hint of toffee
Well then let me be the judge if you believe, she knew I liked about 2 sugars a side of cream



I just wanna drank your coffee
We can do this forever
Conversation we talking

I know you dig me like a booger
I Know you have no clue to what we're doing here but still provide the sugar
I know that we don't have a title
No that when I say I know these things that I'm just speaking from survival
Cuz we done landed in a puddle. Sticky situation got me days later sitting thinking of you
Would you believe me if I loved you
Love is what you say when you run out of excuses and I got dozens


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