Strange The World

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Wussup baby girl
You ain't from that world
Hair, your face, your chest, your butt
It ain't from earth
Han, you tremendous
Han, you gorgeous
Han, but it's nothing next to your craziness I'm envious !
Man I'm facing a goddess
Putting Aphrodite out her motherfucking business
Having girls around looking at her because they jealous
Having boys around looking at her like they they brainless
And come here in my world
I'll come in yours
Let's build our own, it'll be grandiose
You're a weirdo baby
I'm a weirdo baby
You feel like they don't understand we
Cause they too square
Han, while we so loopy
Han, cause they too dead
Han, while we so lively
Yeah boo, so let's go boo
So let's go to the Milky Way and lay on stars
Just the 2 of us
With our love we could change the world
Scratch that, I Know we could strange the world !
Wussup babygirl
I know you got something different
What you think about a trip out of this world
Far from those who say we are deviant
How you feel about that ?
KillA are you ready ?
I can take you really far away
Perfect babe let's flee today
And we would only come backin order to strange the world
Let’s strange the world oh girl
Oh yeah killa let's strange the world

Let's have a drink
And let's sink in a conversation
Talking about this or that That or this That and this
Oh girl let's talk about music
Oh girl let's talk about movies
Oh girl let's talk about bumping
Moving, the human kind
Let's forget the time and what's around
Let's forget x 2 what's on our mind
Don't be shy girl your craziness is mine
And mine yours
Oh you so fine ha !
Vibrating like an earthquake
I was used to tremble like a cellphone
Han, discussing like we old friends
I don't get a handle, how we do so
Too many people don't have a passion
It's only fraction, overreaction
Money attraction, lack of sensation
Lack of true action and conversation
But you an exception no expectation
Are you hallucination or revelation
Energy fusion, New clear vision
Physical and mental unification is you my new religion ?!

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