Thrown to the Fire


Watch them all burn, cinders and ash
Pyres of beloved, our rulers ignite
Proving their points, stab them deep in our hearts
Another generation lost to the leaders of sorrow

With harsh souls of ice, and sharp tongues of fire
They promised us peace, in pieces they left us
Minced up for glory, devoured like prey
Millions of corpses paving the way

The war machines have come
Hostile beasts feed on the young
Forced upon the fields of blood
Countless lives forever unsung

Molded for battle
Marched off to die

Day into night, night into death
Its cold hands around us, tightening its grip
The Gods of war have graced us again
Triumphant today, plaguing tomorrow

This unforgiving pursuit of dominance
Drives us deeper into endless pits of chaos

The beasts await
Our sacrifice
Bring them flesh and blood
Eroding humanity

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About "Thrown to the Fire"

This song is about war.

Thrown to the Fire Track info

Drums Steve Shalaty
Guitars Robert Vigna
Bass Guitar, Vocals Ross Dolan
Label Nuclear Blast