Force of God, forcing extinction
Archaic in mind, archaic in ways

Threaten us all through your barbaric ways
Pulling us in to your religious storm

Mission of hate, mission of death
Sent to kill, devoid of thought

Maelstrom of caustic beliefs takes hold
Legitimize their senseless acts of cruelty

Twisted minds will cleanse the world with hate
Endless rage and fury throughout all time
No match against those who dive in fire
An age of war like no other

Angel of hatred now spread your wings
Shower your thorns down upon us
Anointing the pure holy water so red
Taking away from us all that you can

For the horror you brought
For the punished you've left
We cast you out

For your blind hate filled acts
For your crimes against man
We cast you down

Pray all you want for your sins
Beg all you want for your soul
There is no atonement

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About "Atonement"


Atonement Track info

Drums Steve Shalaty
Guitars Robert Vigna
Bass Guitar, Vocals Ross Dolan
Label Nuclear Blast