Above All


I am the Father
I am their sun
See how they crawl to me
Our visions one
Sin for me... To raise us all

I am the Devil
I am their God
I hold the power
I hold their hearts
Die for me... Raise me above all

Take of my body, my blood, and my soul
I'll grant your greatness
And elevate you beyond all you know

I gave you purpose...
I showed you the way
You owe me allegiance...
You'll owe me much more
Soon I'll call upon you to step into the dark
Perish for me or perish eternally

Our time has come to take what's ours
Fight like you've never fought before
Lead my charge, deny me nothing
Terror in its purest form
Deny them mercy
And show them how death truly feels
Shattering mountains
Blacken the earth
Destruction of all that they know

The smoke has cleared
The air lies still
This carnage before me
Will grant me triumph's crown

A new day has dawned
I am the one
The world is now mine
My kingdom has come

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About "Above All"


Above All Track info

Drums Steve Shalaty
Guitars Robert Vigna
Bass Guitar, Vocals Ross Dolan
Label Nuclear Blast