Prison Skin

in Aathma


Tears in my eyes
Void in my heart
I don’t know who I am anymore
This trance defies the realms of my mind
My head collapsed by the magnitude of this feeling

Let you be, close your eyes
And dare to see what always was…

I will, I want!

Don’t want to be what I am not anymore!
Trust your being, let you feel connected with this life
Thousand voices, fear and anger
Fighting ego wants to keep this false I alive

Confined by the walls I built
Being consumed by this prison skin
Open your Eye
Feel what you’re inside…

You’re not your face
You’re not the name you’ve been given
Break these walls and see the Light
Transcend your senses
There is more
That I can’t see
That I can’t touch
But I can feel, deep
I will break free
For this false reality
I will!
Leave the anger
Open your heart
Bloom outside this prison skin

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