We're all fucking cowards
We shine in bitterness
To keep our hollow hearts
Wishing for an end
How we love to keep warm
In our empty words
I would rather just sit in silence
Than lie awake with your hands around my neck
Let the still-souls just whisper 'good night'

Said I'm out of words to say
But apathy tastes just like heaven
When we pull the wool
And hide our sins
Only to preach a sermon which misses the point

Who can hate the man
Who stokes the fires of truth
Who burns by the flames
And lives, and lives by the light

Stand cold in silence
We just love to keep warm in our words
Stand cold in silence
An honest liar never calls for home
Rescind, rebuild
This ain't the world I was born in (I was born in)
Rescind, rebuild
This is not my home

I'm just making excuses
How can I pen pain against my fellow man?

Stoke the fires

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