Genius Freestyle 022


I play my music loud
I hope my neighbors love Kendrick and Kanye and Andre 3 Thou
I’m high, I might roll up again
My my how time flies when OG is all you blow in the wind
I’m in, such a pretty predicament
Sit back and laugh, no way that I could’ve predicted it
I mix the gas with a little MDMA
And if my math is correct, it just might equal belligerent
May take a drive if I got no where to go
Love gettin’ higher than high and ridin’ lower than low
Got a Jamaican sittin’ in the passenger seat
She all up in her feelings but we chillin’ as we ride to the beat
Honor student with some Grade A kush
I love my women with a little bit of Bebe in ‘em
I still live in the hood and everyday is a mission
I put it all in my lyrics, I know you say that you hear ‘em
But are you listenin’?
It’s so important I find my way back to orbit
The stars are callin’, I’ve fallen, I can’t ignore it
Hope you accept it or better yet understand it
Now granted, I didn’t plan it, I just landed on this planet
Young SiR, my conversation is my occupation
If you find your way to pressin’ play
I’ll linger in your head for hours
Kinda sour
Cause you thought your favorite rapper comin’ wit it
But he didn’t
Now you feel like I might kill him any day
Well, anyhow, feelin’ proud
Went on out and bought myself a new chain
Mobbin’ through the city feelin’ pretty with my new thang
Showin’ all these hatin’ ass niggas how we do thangs
We live in a time where money’s the only motivation
So I’m gettin’ mine, my mind ain’t on the competition
Keep it on the grind
I ride the rail and exhale
Swear I got a story to tell
But are you listenin’?

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About "Genius Freestyle 022"

SiR stopped by the Genius HQ to do the 22nd freestyle of the Genius Freestyles series.

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