Count yourself lucky for the minutes
The hours and the days
We were singing in the street
When David Bowie passed away
And he left behind a message
Without a shadow of a doubt
Stand up for what is right
And stand up for it now

And I'm slap-bang in the middle
Of this life that I lead
And it feels as though society's collapsing as the seams
And everybody knows it's happening
Still nobody does anything
Welcome to 2016

With it's referendums and it's algorithms
The sudden rise of fascism
That's fuelled by a religious war
The return of the football hooligan
You could say goodbye to Muhammed Ali
Say hello to 2016

Well you can say goodbye to Prince as well
Say hello to laws that still prevent gay people getting married
The dinosaurs are not evolving
The matters go from bad to worse
You can see it in the eyes of homelessness
But that don't bother Nigel Farage
Boris Johnson or Michael Gove
Self-righteous, self-serving twats
Telling us we want our country back
Until we're voted out by a majority
Who are petrified of refugees
And not economic slavery
But I whitewashed my Facebok feed
So everyone believes what I believe
I believe in this stuff don't sell papers
Hey look Sun, here's a another terrorist
Here's some more terror
Here's some more terrorism
Here's another dead kid without any reason
Some more propaganda and public relations
Another bloody war, followed by a paycut
Here's a new prime minister
Here's a new king
Welcome to 2016

Well I remember when Terry Wogan died
They were flogging off the public land
So that they could frack underneath
To please a few conservatives
Ignoring scientific fact
That it's bad for the planet
And it's bad for your health
The media-government-corporation
Sold your soul to their old school-friends
With A-Levels in the Panama Papers
And GCSEs in arms manufacturers
The transatlantic T-TIP-deal
Is pretty much the end of us all
And the only ones who benefit
Are the very people that invented it
And the lesser of two evils wins
Time and time and time again
Welcome to 2016
Born to lose and live to win
The words of Lemmy Kilmister
Who lived his live without regret
But he was said of the state of the world that he left
And Guy Clark didn't sing for the money
And Howard Marks did what he wanted
Victoria she made us laugh
And DJ Derek made us dance
And now we're holding back the tears
More than any other year
And they're playing a Merle Haggard song
When Donald Duck steps to the throne
And tells us to hate Mickey Mouse
If we wanna live in Walt Disney's house
An angry white man on a microphone
With his finger on a button and a nuclear code
But here we are right now, today
Just hoping that it will all go away
But we know that's not how the world works
And if we wanna sort it out we gotta do it ourselves
Try to picture a planet that you wanna live on
If you want to build a future got to start from the bottom
Try to think of something you can do to help
It doesn't matter how small, everything is gonna count
Right now we need you to be the best that you can be
And try to make a difference in 2017

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