Can Tahir

Impulse Response


If you want see something didactic
Tail our rear but don't chase for touching
Just the things you see where get their tactic

Think we are not there in the history scene
What push the crowds race to track in
Everybody desire to live when lookin

Day show you contrast chasing by night
That mirror expose myself in sight
Substances ever increasing from outside
My weight come on the scale light
And throw me to the height
Who layman exhorted to gameplay
Can't see like me only fast way
Anybody be a law unto oneself
Everybody else impaled same stay

In the wink of an eye not long in thought movements
Time is done open eyes ask to different dreamers
All reasonist accuse that out of the questions
Man believe the miracles gift come out Providence

We heard from everyone i'm the king
But never anyone say king of kings
I come for tell that and emperor becoming
There are too many drops ocean nearing

I put to world spectacular monolith past to future
Look and admire ain't give to worship literature
Your visible always dream in this adventure
Take away me on scenic you watch real architecture

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