J Spades

Hustle Hard (Remix)


[Hook: J Spades]
Hustle Hustle Hustle Hard (x6)

[Verse 1: J Spades]
Niggas know where i come from
East side of that london
Anytime when them guns buss
Feds come for them youngers
And I still roll in that east side
Niggas know by that east side
Anywhere man will let it off
And leave more shells than that seaside
Got a new connect with that cheap rice
All my dawgs and we eat nice
My cats don't eat mice
Real nigga im street wise
You dont want it with these guys
Just bump the base on that B line
For that white sniff and that B line
Got the DJ screaming that rewind
Hustle hard in that meantime
Same gyal we run thru
Same gyal you treat nice
Niggas know when we come thru
Not just jewelry got guns too
Treat your niggas like one zoot
Rolling up then we bun you
Started rap with no money
DVDs that was slow money
Then i start to see drugs money
Kitchen kind with doves on it
All my dawgs loves money
That's why they buy doves for me
Yellow diamonds on my wrist
More carats than bugs bunny

[Hook: J Spades]
Hustle Hustle Hustle Hard (x6)

[Verse 2: J Spades]
Niggas say they grinding
Tell me why their pinky ain't shining
Dont they know my nigga [?]
Got that cartier with them diamonds
And this year go hard
Them man there got no heart
Jump in their car and it won't start
And we treat the TT like a go kart
Sexy gyal and we love them
And they love when were hustling
Heard that boy [?] been talking shit
Dont make me rinse on my gundem
Party hard till sunday
Wake up early on Monday
Hit the motorway white and dark
Go flip that mula in country
My block thats E8
Suwo thats E9
Got a couple killers in N16
And they trap hard in E5
Dont stop the party
Smoking that Bob Marley
Couple lighties come link my squad
Man got them sniffing my charlie

[Hook: J Spades]
Hustle Hustle Hustle Hard (x6)

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