[Verse 1: Raynk]
I let the milky way melt in my mouth, homie I ain't talking chocolate
This android smokes a galaxy in his joint
Nebula gets me spaced out on a couch watching cosmos
Alchemy in my viewpoint
You stocking up on compost, you prawns and this a pot roast
Where the fuck are you suppose to fit in?
Take your fake mumble rap back
Plus untie ya cleats, you ain’t running tracks
Matter of fact, if you tried to go fast
That dapper jabber will lead you straight to a double sided dagger
Raynk that Tanto
Take me out west im trying to see Lake Tahoe
Where summers hotter than diablos
Wear bright colors and smoke frontos
Just trying to be happy
To the curb I was kicked, so back at it I hit
That’s a slappy
Would be a Mac addict but I grew up looking out windows
Road trips up north every sum. and win
Watched the storms summoned wind, became closer to Gaia
Learned staying grounded makes you flyer
Learned you can’t leave if you don’t know your roots
So find some truth, inside of you
Just see how much you’ve got man
Align all allegations with your Atman
Such a symbolic syzygy, metaphors mixed with soliloquies if you're looking for the recipe
Recently, feeling like the real can’t rest in peace
They looking over us about to bust a gut
Saying “what the fuck happened? What happened to motherfuckers actually rapping?”
What happened to the grind, Now all it takes is cash to make you inclined
No lyrics, no bars, only liquor from bars
Some strippers and cars, fake thugs
Acting like Lions when they’re really just cubs
But you know I get it though, I also like to mix my drugs
That’s caffeine and marijuana, fuck anything else harder
You losing if you leaning off of lean or a xan fiend
Tell me, when does addiction come in handy?
Only when you got Obi Kenobi’s pen, the light fight in my head
Call it Star Wars
Dichotomy in my philosophies but I could possible turn into Socrates
Give me a year or two and I’ll literally be above you
Like helium I only know how to go up
Healing them by getting them to grow up
Them as in you, each listener you are the glue
You are the reason that i stay true
I wanna be an influence, someone you can idolize
A guy who doesn’t use lies to hide, who’s spirit isn’t confined to time
But my physical body can feel mine, coming very very soon
I Had to fall in Autumn to spring up in bloom
Let my mind fly like a loon or a sad kids balloon
No matter the phase of the moon there’s no phasing my mood
There’s no phasing my moves
Abrasions and bruised, never changing my attitude
If you lock the doors, I’ll find the key
If you throw it in the forest I’ll burn down every tree, with just the air I breathe
Check ya phones, notification from Pokemon Go
A wild Charizard has appeared
You try to capture, but he won’t have no master
5’8 is my stature, So yes you know I’m feeling close to Royce
And not the one the rolls, my choice to burn the goals and swim in the fire
I aspire to tell every squire he can become a knight and fight for his right to sit on the throne
So he can fully comprehend his heart, is his home

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