Story of my ex


I be home on my
Couch kickin it, downtown city shit
Got that whiskey dick, txt a bitch for some titty pics
She hit me back with that "oh boy I'm busy" shit
Maybe if my game was tighter she would lemme hit

Toss my cell up on the table take another swig
Put the wild turkey down and light another cig
Call comin in, it's the ex again
Our txt section full of unread messages

I drunk answer like "what do you want?"
She like "listen for a minute" , I'm like "shut the fuck up"
She had the balls to mention trust so I called her a cunt
She had a grown man cryin no more bottlin up

Cuz this is how I really feel about it
Fuck bitches get money I'm just keepin it a thousand
Grippin my bottle like we friends to the end
Phone ringin she was callin again, damn

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