Bart Baker

Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae) (Parody)


(Whip/Nae Nae)
(Whip/Nae Nae)
(Shit Shit/Nae Nae)

You already know who it is
No we don’t!
Who’s the bro?
I don’t know
This guy is way too happy

I cannot whip
You stink!
I cannot nae nae
No way!
Can’t whip for shit shit
I can’t nae nae
You can’t do it!
I dance like I
Stop it!
Am an old white guy
It’s true
Who has never heard rap in his life
Stop doin' it!

Why in the hell is my name Silento?
I’m the opposite all I do is scream
This song’s like crack addictive but bad
In total it has ten unique words
I am Soulja Boy you are copying my style and my concept of having a big hit song based on stupid dancing

Well at least I’m not addicted to lean
You did Crank Dat
(Crank Dat!)
Years ago
(Year ago!)
What have you done since?
(Done since!)
No one knows!
(No one knows!)
You’re popular now
(He’s high)
But you’ll be a one hit wonder
(So high)
Just like me
This song just steals dances (BA-BA) other people made up
It’s unoriginal
Who cares Soulja? Shut up!

I’m not a thief
(I’m not a thief)
I’m like Fat Jewish
(I’m like Fat Jewish)
But of hip hop dance moves and music
(That’s accurate)
The difference is I give credit
When he steals jokes he always edits

Who are you?
I’m here to show you how to do your dance when you do it you look like an uptight suburban man
Why can’t you do it?
I’m so frustrated I’ll strangle you!
Oh no my mask came off my head
Hey I know you
It’s that weird perv Jared
What have you got?
A five dollar foot long
No wonder you couldn’t dance all along
Yes it’s true I have been hiding as a rap artist
Cause I am on the run the cops want Jared’s ass
We have torn up your contract!
We’re finished with you!
Drop that sandwich!
First there’s something I want to do
I want to whip
Stop it!
With this big foot long
Oh God!
Watch Jared whip whip with his foot long
Someone shoot him!
Just whip the tip
Of my foot long
Please stop!
Watch Jared whip whip with his foot long
Man, that was one weird ass half-time show
Hello, man they shoot Jared

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