Crash Position (The Fire In Which You Burn Slow Freestyle) ft. Coal Cash, Father Focus Confucius, Nico the Beast & Thoughtz


We don’t need a beat, we was blessed with a freestyle to smash your written
Since you acting fly, get in crash position
It was a bad decision to battle with him
Panic stricken
‘Cause he’ll whip your ass quick fast, 50 lashes of masochism
I’m like a grad from Princeton, mathematician smoking a bag of ism
Laced with an algorithm based on my parents wisdom
An apparent wizard, savage spitting, classic rhythm
Who could brainstorm a cataclysm, take half of the planet with him
Hope you make no plans for livin', man, listen
I’m single jammin' your grand visions, grandeur, and ambition
You don’t stand a chance with your half ass writtens
We’re divine rhyme gods, put a light behind these bars like San Quentin
Need a handwritten apology for the atrocities your fam’s spittin'
Fuck that clown shit, you should downshift your transmission
Oh, you the man, gram flippin', surrounded by bad bitches
But you got about as much pull as Magneto in a glass prison
Blessed with a vast wisdom, lets me expand vision
See past the caste system of cash and classism
You don’t wanna clash with him, I own a supply house filled with mad writtens and assorted cans of ass whippin
I’m truly a mutant, Huey Newton newly suited as a superhuman
Maneuvering through the stupid delusions
I’m Confucius with a few future improvements
Chose your allusion but my father told me to focus through the confusion
Here to change your view with influencing music
It’s the Savior, only Virgin Mary’s womb could produce it
I’m hot headed, so my blood was infused with some coolants
And I go deebo, leave the eagle bruised with contusions
You don’t wanna feud with the goons that I’m crew with
I drew the conclusion, you ain’t got the balls, you dudes are just eunuchs
I, knew you were neutered so, who are you fooling?
That putrid new shit you’re spewing only proves that you’re foolish
I could give a fuck if you’re moving your units
The unit I move with are lunatics, we are wolves when the moon’s lit
We are deeply rooted in that ruthlessly true shit
Proof of the new solution so they’re saluting the movement
Let’s go!
[Coal Cash]
Chewing on planets, death mechanics flip the panic switch
Your bitch asked me to ram it, smashed her face in with ceramic dicks
Banana hammock, ran the gambit of her famished lips
The cockpit expanded, the clit was branded with “abandon ship”
My dick’s gigantic hit panoramic if I pose for porn
Was born to bulldoze, fucking with hoes, tryna grow the lawn
So blow your horn and warn the sheeple of lethal lunatics
I’m quick at eatin’ people, built cathedrals out of human bricks
Inflict the lethal damage, savage on a slaughter spree
Emcees are drawn and quartered, ain’t no author murder more than me
I swore to be the death enforcer, came to torture more
And tore through the forces of slick talkers, pulling off their jaws Source of wars, I cause chaos through catastrophe
Naturally disaster when I massacre in massively
A master piece emerged through the surge of my esophagus
Can’t stop these kamikazes, we're the zombie apocalypse
Props to my family’s lineage, more savage than American Indians
Meridian bloodline to shine more divine than a Merovingian
A simian at times, in a bind, redesign going ape shit
Nothing basic in my design like reading data lines in the Matrix
Basic numerical prime, the kind of anomaly found uncommonly
Though cognitivity superior to the inferiors of my sovereignty
A comedy of errors along with night terrors out of my haunted past
Reshape faster than ferrofluid, wading through sewage on my daunting path
My craft’s launching Apollo mission on lunar surface
With a circus tryna follow as I maneuver throughout your computer circuit
A perfect catastrophe, spit planet shrapnel through an astro sea
Lay a siege to your castle, your queen in shackles, fuck till her asshole bleeds
Feed like a black hole, cackle with a supernatural omni crew
I chew through your noggin, eat through your squadron like I'm Majin Buu
It’s true I’m a problem, you better watch him when he’s grittin’ teeth
‘Cause I feast like Rodan with a whole clan that’s known for spittin’ heat
[Father Focus Confucius]
I’m coming to pick your pockets
My right hook will make your eye look like ? rockets
Now kickbox the twisted logic of a mythological monster that’s symbiotically binded the bond beyond the wanderer, I’m quick as Sonic
Psychotic oddity on it, I got the vision plotted
No pissing contest, I saw you, you either sit or squaded
You sip hypnotic and vomit, I guzzle lava straight
I concentrate on breaking the bubble, my hustle dominates
I feel like Pun in the middle of Big and Pac debates
Inoculating with truth serum, hearin’ them operate
It’s damn near perfect, but perfect’s for the boring
And boring is a sin in the skin that my kin was born in
The final warning, advise them to get they rhyming up
‘Cause I got a bar for every six on Facebook, you tryna fuck?
Blood type is G so if you ever try to fight with me, I’ll send you airborn, pussy
Flying V Mighty Ducks

[Nico the Beast]
You know you can’t call an audible when they start mauling you
And they don’t want a piece, they want all of you
And all you do is rap and maybe make a song or two
That is kinda hot, but look, this what’s wrong with you:
You ain’t the first to rap, you ain’t the last either
Unless you got a bad fever causing amnesia
And all these damn divas, can scram-
I’m a plan A man, you a plan B-er
So plan ? dope with these heavy doses
The damage dose who’s standing close to the hanging thrones
And it feeds all the people for miles and miles, denial is wild when it’s reached you
And eat you alive, the mouth that engulfed you, corrodes you emulsion of bones for the vultures
We old school, old soul soulful, the ? for the souls that were left soulless
And told “shoo”
There’s no stopping the flow, watch it
They on the pole constant offering full sponsorship
My heart’s colder than cold cold cocking your own mom ‘cause the hoe’s talking shit
If you so pompous, best to invest in cold comprises
My crew’s the people at the show rocking, the ones you don’t want it with
Whiskey in my coffee, dropping some philosophic shit
Only thing you cunts can throw is lots of fits
Digging your own graves is your only option if you wanna test
Stop it, you not tough
Don’t be surprised when you get slammed like Onyx and your bitch sucks a harmonica for ? Yacht Club
We don’t gotta be in Hawaii to lay/lei your boo
She take abuse and give a brand new meaning to Naked Juice
Call her box the basement in the Vatican
‘Cause that’s where she’s placing my sacred jewels
You busy tryna save face ‘cause you fake with a handshake
Well my hands breaking the face of you
Get a bandaid, my crew’s sick enough to give your band aids
When we’re on stage and you’re faded, we’ll see how much pain you can take
Alienated, chained to stage with your frame for the taking
I sell your brain for a paycheck and watched as the aliens ate it
My name after the sentence, I be, rarely estated
My style’s beautiful like Palestine before the Israelis invaded
Fear is created for the vikings with the beard that is braided
Rare innovations creating tears in the Matrix
So in conclusion, I spit great rhymes on shitty drugs
Can tear through the spacetime continuum
You fake guys look pretty dumb
You might got a platinum record but they gon’ make mine iridium
You wanna hate mine like a little punk, you get fucked up like a train ride through the city drunk

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