Yeah, last year was not practise year
Let's get more number 1's and more plaques this year
I say a lotta blurry lines, let's talk facts this year
I might even try goin' back to mass this year
Yeah, told bro that I ain't jokin' this year
Told wifey I might even give up smokin' this year
Told Dumi I'ma rap with more emotion this year
Keep the doors wide open this year
I been coastin' but the last few years have been weird
I'm either self-assured or I'm scared, and that's how I deal with the fear
People speakin' on my name
If you could feel the burnin' in my ears, type of pain that can bring a man to tears
But I'm 'ere still
Man's gon' clear, clear, clear still
Rock in a hard place, label tryna make us do it their way
We tellin' them we wanna do it our way
Everythin' is homegrown, comin' like Agave
Young Rico Suave
Everythin' to me is blasé
Told the architect to make the whole thing parquet
3 piece on, Prince of Wales check
Freddy on the boat sayin' "Where we gonna sail next?"
Where I come from, we talk about "Who's goin' jail next?"
Not everyone's a shotta, but everybody's runnin' from a coppa
And nobody wants to bait the block up
16, set up by a chick, what a cockup, yeah
Aftershock days, Saint James on the block days
Nu Brand Flexxx days, Morley's on the estate
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, you don't remember that?
Night bus, New Years Eve, one December back
All these memories, these memories I hold
Then next thing I know I end up on the road
Toured Usher, Drizzy, even toured with Cole
Then I give a girl my soul
And next thing you know I'm turnin' 28 years old, woah
Gettin' older, things I seen make me turn colder
Top down, sittin' in this roadster
In these funny times, it's important that we're closer
Started meditation and I started doin' yoga
Killin' all these rappers I'm the scene's Keyser Söze
Ring up for Benz and make him drop it on my chauffeur
We about to get this bread poppin' like a toaster
If you don't get it now, then you'll get it when you're older, aha
Yeah, Youth, aha

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About "Youth"

“Youth” serves as the opening track of Tinie Tempah’s album with the same name.

The one verse track, in which Tinie raps over a smooth chimes-flavoured beat, comes off as a comeback anthem in which Tinie claims the year to become his year.

Youth is Tinie Tempah’s comeback to studio albums after four years and 2013’s Demonstration.

Youth Track info

Mastering Chris Athens
Recording Richie Montana
Vocal Arrangement Richie Montana
Mixing Wez Clarke
Additional Programming Wez Clarke