Abe Kunde

O Lawd Ft. Meyer Lansky (Produced. BE$Gang)


[Abe Kunde]
This is payback to all you fake friends shit
Always Coming to an end
Had enough of all you fiens
Looking at me for all these free handouts
Your the man? Look who`s the man now
Most these fakes fell out the game, Just another man down
Claiming you king, Really? Then why am i holding crown
Putting you 6 feet underground
Letting it all of my chest, letting them all down no more time to keep fooling around
Need people in my life that want to lift me up, not bring me down
Can't believe you acted fake since day one
Well we Knew this day would come
I`m Over this shit, I`m done, I`m moving on
You say I`m too cocky maybe cuz these fucks shouldn't have got the respect they got from me
I'm tearing you apart like a labotomy
They say they coming to body me
Put me in the casket, let me rest
Put me close to god, so that i feel blessed
Nothing left in my chest
Lawd I'm trying to do my best to turn the other G
But ill never let no man walk over me
Break them at they`re knees, so they can't stand there two feet
Who do they think they be, thinkin` they can sneak
Dis me
Boy i got ears in the streets
So far ahead u can't even see
Half the shit that comes out of your mouth i wouldn't even beleive
Cut my throat wouldn't even bleed
So i dont want no apologies
Y`all just a bunch of fakes to me
Hate all you want
It dont matter cuz everyone knows i`m the one that put you on teams like you can't play this game
Fell out looks like you win MIA
Well i`m still ballin like i play for the NBA
I make every shot like curry i`m in a hurry to get to the top
Nothing will make me stop! Man fuck the OPS we still run this block 24/7 round clock
Wanna shine? gotta grind
Even when it gets rough at times but gotta keep hustling through life
You dont live twice, only got one shot to make it
This is my chance and I'ma take it
Tie this game up and make it mine
Just letting this all out of my mind
Sick and tired of wasting time I'm gonna keep grinding till i pass the finish line
Put you neck in a noose
I Guarantee you won't get loose
They dont listen till they hear it from the booth
Taking everyone out the game is what i`m gonna do
Dont act a fool, got a pencil i dont have to play with them tools to merk you dude
I`m a grind till the point where i can't lose
I`m gonna keep speaking the truth
Making silent moves
Seeing soo many people come and go
I`m getting sick and tired this shit is getting old
Gotta put in work, what you put in is what you get out
Thats why I`m going so hard now
Putting everything i got
Y`all barely use your 2 sense
While I`m putting in 110%
Thats a difference
Half of you won't amount to be shit
Dont get mad because i spit facts
Acting like little kids

[Meyer Lansky]
Young king, yeah
Young king, Young king
I'm a young king, yeah
Young king, man theirs only one king
One king, one king, i`m a young king
Someone better than man there is no such thing
Man there is no such thing
There be only one king and thats me
Aight, yea
That be me
Aye yea, that be me
Ain't no sleep, putting in that work
Each and every week
Each and every night
Yea, dont even need to act surprised
If you say I'm not the best
Clearly you be telling lies
Soundcloud popping
Ain't no stopping here
Lost track of time
Everybody watching like I'm televised
Boy I'm on a mission
Why you dissin?
Young king spitting
Close your mouth
Boy you better listen
Ive been playing with that stove
When i used to keep it on the low
But uh now you know
Pockets oh so cold
Fives putting divots up in my flow
Where my ma ma worry
So i think i need to cleanse myself
Exhale i need to clear my lungs
All these rappers really bunk
Swear to god
I'm the only one
[?] just for fun
Looking, looking, looking
For dat work boy and i got that work
And I got them facts
Boy i got the work, yea thats a fact do the math
Yea looking [?]
Bitch I got an army right up under me
Yea, i got an army right up under me
Why you trippin if you on my team
There is nothing beat by my flow
Then I'm coming back find me at your parents home
Coming back, coming back
Yea you know nothing was the same
Throwing dirt all up on my name
Boy I'm taking names
Bagging bodys
And you mad cuz you not me
Bitch I'm even getting cocky
If i ever feature them
Its a be [?] on the beat
Kill them there
I leave a bitch deceased
And they all trying to rob my way
Too bad my radiation gonna leave them deaf for days
Sorry [?]
But thats just how I play
Its okay
Yea, its okay
Just do what I say
And i keep the 9 on me like I'm Drew Brees
I'm a kill all these hoes
With [?] all up in there dreams
Yea for real
Y`all some babies
You dont need an iphone to get this FaceTime
Bitch I'm Tracy McGrady
Because I never miss
I only make
Triple six on my wrist
Bitch I'm drake

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