Intro: RichCutt

Man ya'll already know what it is
It's Durf-World
R-Jrizzy, Neil-Da-Savage

Hook: RichCutt 4x

Bubblegum on that rum
Got me Twerk-Durfin'

Verse: RichCutt

Durf-World is my side of town
Twerk-Durf make her wurk wurk
She goin'up up and I'm comin' down
Bubblegum I'm on the rum
Make her dance I'm Throwin' ones
She don't drop that thun thun
She throw it back and I give it some
(Wurk 3x)
Taking her dancing I'm popular
She call me papa, I durf her lil' mama
Girl workin' that body I'm telling ya'
Twerkin' and durfin', I'm witcha
Twerkin' and durfin', I miss ya'
And you be hangin', R-Jrizzy be bangin'
That bubblegum right on that Tisha
On the beat I watch you drop it girl
I be durfin', you be twerkin' and I call that Durfin'-World
You can say my name "R-Jrizzy" long as you can throw it back
I'm from the North-Side, I love to watch these females throw it back
Now Drop-It

Verse: $avage Azz Neil

On the rum
Pound it like a drum
From the South, so you know just where I'm from
Only 15 but got bricks from Columbia
And she ain't coming to the crib if she ain't givin' none
She twerkin'
I'm durfin'
Got them hundreds on deck and I'm just surfin'
Neil-Da-Savage on the beat and I'm just wurkin'
Still in high school but got goons in the streets
And if she let me, I'mma put her in her sheets
Bubblegum on that rum, pound it like a drum
And if she want it, I'mma gone and give her some
Now bounce it an automatic (six 4x)


Verse: Yung Shun

Stop... Drop... Pop... Twerk!
Yeah I'm That girl that yo' girlfriend'll wurk
When I walk in, yeah I'm durfin' through the croud
Haters know that I stay blowin' on that loud!
If that's yo' girl, you might need to hold her
Why? Cause I just might gone and bend her over
I durf... durf... dip then I run
Yeah I'm that girl keep yo' girl hollering "Shun"
I'm ony 17
Stay hittin' my lean
Yeah' I'm countin green
If you know what I mean
She (twerk 4x)
I (durf 4x)
She (twerk 4x)
I (durf 5x)

Outro: RichCutt

And I bet ya'll ain't never heard nothing like this before
It's Durf-World All The Way
Dur-World Over Everything

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