Part 2


I will often hold the doubt that I'm the bad one
Accused of playing a victim of your love
I can call this home, but it isn't where my heart is
Do I paint you as a demon, out of shit and blood?

I am trying hard, you act like this is effortless
It's hard when you call your limbs the things we mutually bought
I find emotive scales exciting and frightening
But my emotive scales contract viruses of thought

I have chosen this lonely freedom
Let's hope that it works out for the both of us

I'm a sorry sap, forever stunted ox confirmed
Your flabbergasted film speech finding the words that hurt
You say you were born broken and don't know how to love
I think I do agree, that's why I've had enough

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About "Part 2"

Following on from 2016’s Don’t Piss On Me, I’m Already Dead, Part 2 was released by Crywank as a single in February of 2017.

Perhaps what makes it most notable is the fact that it was the very first Crywank song to be given an official music video, despite the band’s then eight-year history — not to mention the millions of views unofficial uploads of their more popular songs had been getting!

It is a break-up song, according to lead singer James, detailing the last moments of a failing relationship. They say, in one interview with Noisey:

‘Part 2’ wasn’t really intended to be properly released at any point. It’s a break-up song which is an area I don’t really want to retread. The first Crywank release was a ‘break-up album,’ and the idea of that becoming something synonymous with the band is a pretty uninviting. I guess this song differs in the sense that I’m the one leaving. My friend recorded me in his living room. We had the window open and in the chorus a car alarm started going off outside, it started going in time with the music and then went off when the chorus ended. This seemed too perfect of a take not to keep.

The article itself gives further context, explaining that

The track is taken from a split with Nyla, of which there are only 50 in existence, all sold to people who promised not to put it online, but now it’s being released by Vancouver label File Under: Music as part of their video series ‘One Song At A Time’.

The chilling video shows a salesman going door-to-door selling ‘life insurance’ (which causes the people who sign for it to die immediately). It was directed by Seth Smith for a series of music videos and uploaded on YouTube. The director’s notes in the description read:

Crywank’s contribution to the One Song at a Time series is one of the saddest and rawest songs I’ve ever found myself singing along to. The warmth of his guitar and voice is the sugar to help swallow the spoonfuls of doubt that fuel moments of Dante-esque personal horror.

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