[Intro: Chance the Rapper]
This and this about such and such and fairytale

[Verse 1: Chance the Rapper]
Hail Mary pitch in the air
The fist on my pick was the myth from my hair
My 'fro shot a flair, pardon my stare
My deer in the headlights
Jesus can stare and I bet she just glares
Eyes, glazed as a doughnut
Fresh as a baby and raised like a grown-up
I tell fairy tales in your ear
Farewell to welfare and helping with healthcare
I'll take you to fairs, and win you a bear
And marry and grow up and split up, and split up my share
And sew up the seams and hold every door and pull every chair
Chivalry's dead, I went to the funeral, witnessed its murder and watched it in utero

[Hook: Jeremih and Chance the Rapper]
I know when we try to hold it in
Every time when we try, we try and we try
We won't let it go, it just goes again
It just goes again

[Verse 2: Chance the Rapper]
Catch and release
Playing fetch with a fish and a dog on a leash
Flesh up for lease, rent and repeat
Repent and then rinse off your hands in the sand of a beach
Blood in the bleach, hand in the cookie jar
Stuffin' your teeth
Stuffin' your mouth till there's nothing to eat
Gluttony got your gut feelin' the ease
Hold it in, just don't doubt
Don't give in, don't give out
Don't blow your kiss in the air
Fold your fist in a prayer
And attentively listen for Blue Fairies whisper to turn you from folk tale to faithful for years
I never will grow up
Fold you and hide you and tell you to hold up
[Hook: Jeremih and Chance the Rapper]
I know when we try to hold, we try to hold it in
Every time when we try, we try and we try
We won't let it go, it just goes again
It just goes again

[Verse 3: Taylor Bennett]
Smoke 'til we grown up
'Til coffee and doughnuts
Newspapers, pill poppin' to grasp on to moments
And save our personas while doctors persuade you
You're stronger 'til you think that you livin' longer
My ace in the hole
Watch how I wish that these 18 year old games was longer
'Til I wish that I had took honors, and got to med school
So I could solve your problems
I'm further from heaven, I'm peepin' your leverage
Been suggested by reverend
I should count my blessings
The pressure of precious depression
Picasso at best with no sketches
But architects narcissist stretcher
Adonis blind by his projection
Ashamed of rejection, in love with reflections
Perceptions for whom his anonymous efforts
Discretion with all of his exes
They all off my checklist
I fucked them then hated their presence
They judge off a daily appearance
That children inherit from parents
You cannot buy beauty on clearance
This Rollie just shows that I hear it
I'm cold as a spirit
Lookin' for warmth as a soul with endearment
Until I found you like I stole from existence
Death for finder's fee, can't hold on to interest
We just wastin' time to mention it's senseless
Feet above ground, we fall from long distance
Take secrets to the grave but all want repentance
And lookin' at you, I could tell you feel different
Eyes glazed as a donut
Thinkin' 'bout high school and childhood and switchin' your moments
As life was ya coma
And this the movie they ain't end to keep goin''
And this the trailer, but right after the showing
A preview of your previous favorite moments
Such a match that I just can't be the donor
Losing touch but I ain't lost in the moment
See the times that I just wish could keep going
Stanzas so long I could stand in the moment
Pride is so strong I can't fathom condolence
You used to hold me down and that was my lonesome
And now I call your phone for voicemail recording
A preview of my previous favorite woman
I never will grow up
Hold ya down, hug ya back 'til your soul just ain't performing
[Outro: Jeremih and Chance the Rapper]
I know when we try to hold, we try to hold it in
Every time when we try, we try and we try
We won't let it go, it just goes again
It just goes again

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About "Grown Up Fairy Tales"

The third track on Taylor Bennett’s Restoration of an American Idol was originally intended for Taylor’s brother, Chance the Rapper. In an interview with The Fader, Taylor describes how he ended up with the song:

When I got sick and I was in New York, when I was on my hospital bed, I just called Chance and I was like, “You know, I can’t stop thinking about this song. I need this song. Please give me this song, please send me this song so I can hear it.” I don’t even think I was asking for him to give it to me, I was just asking to hear it.

He sent the song to me, there was 15 seconds of, like, no beat at the end, which is not enough to write to. So I’m sitting in this hospital and constantly going back to these 15 seconds to the point where I’d almost wrote half the verse and the verse is really, really long. So I ended up calling him, and I was like, “Yo, can I get this song, I really want this song,” and he was like, “You know what, I got you.” And he gave it to me which was, like I said, a really big honor because I really loved that song.

It’s the third collaboration between the pair – Taylor copped a writing credit on Chance’s 2016 track “All Night,” whilst Taylor featured Chance on his 2015 single “Broad Shoulders.”

Grown Up Fairy Tales Track info