Arkimedes aka THA ARK



Uh uh uh
E.T. on the bee tee

Malaysia, Malaysia
I'm missing like the flight
I eat pepper, but i fight
I'm a fuckin' protest song
I'll protest and protest 'til it ain't wrong
I'm keeping my Ummah in place, that show them mace
You know has hella pepper? Malaysia
You know what I need before getting a root canal? Anastasia
You know what a female fellatio is? Fellatia
Eat a dick
Skeet a pick
Choose a sick
Hit a lick
Finna hit a lick
Shitting quick
Hitting chicks
Lemonade shit
Malaysian bitch
I'm Kuala Lumpur, I'm dirty
That girl in African studies, she flirty
She look my way I unload 30
The 80's were full of mullets
On the Malay Peninsula, too much full shit
Finna traverse to Borneo, pepper galoreo
Finna eat some pepper oreos and storeo
My four year old in the foe mi no
Al-Medina is the city
How could it ever be so shitty?
Malaysia [x10]

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