**Amer Rico Verse [1]**
Too many shawties, in the V I (p)
Too many niggas, living B I (g)
Got me low-key "trynna" act like
That a brother got it nigga don't lie
No no (wooo!)
You can catch in the south side
All black like a member of the fam died
Too many niggas "trynna" kill my (vibe)
Positivity over here so they can try
In my own corner, sipping on this bottle
Chick across the room "kinda" looking like a model
She looking real expensive, something like a dollar sign
Got her up on all fours All up in my mind
Yes I shall approach...
I'm just waiting for that alcohol to kick in From that vodka in her friends toast
But they're too many patient niggas, like me
No worries cause they're too many fish in the sea
Too Many, Too Many
Too many niggas be living it uppp
Too Many, Too Many
Fake it til, you make it, yeah you know wassuppp x2

She called me at 8, said she's at 19-0-8
I told her baby just wait
Got on the phone told my "boi" Lamas we on
He pull up, we roll one, we gonee

**Muca Verse [2]**
Ay baby sorry if i didn't hit you back
I got a ton of sms's and a life that's never planned
But if you down to chill I got some time around Sunday afternoon
I'd rather if we didn't spend
We can take a stroll around the location and find a bench for conversation
No arranging the end (ahhh)
That's loose knot (What's your point?)
I can make my own plot, so
The day came, cancelled a couple things
That happening at the same, position in time but ayyy
Sacrificing to making it in your day
Is been a while that we hung out I'm curious to what you say
Leaving my place and I'm about to get on the way
My phone rang, I pick it up and I see another ones name it ain't yours
But it got me to stop and think for a sec
Oh fuck I may have had another plan I ain't check
That's just...

**Smoller Verse [3]**
Got up in this party about a minute
God I can't describe, what I'm feeling
Lonely but this song got me back in the
Vibe that I thought I'd lose the moment I left my room and
I'm shy
Stayed dancing in the dark a girl came by
The sound was loud I couldn't understand what she were saying
So she whispered in my ear like I'd really love to, rock with you All night, We could dance 'til 5am and then watch together the, Sunrise
Oui,I accepted, we are young and reckless
We could talk about this but we Live for action
So, we laughed and danced, some random selfies
And the red heart emoji's she sent by the morning they were



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About "Too Many"

“s/o to those who can’t "really” afford to go out but do it anyways.“ Amer Rico

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