[Verse 1]
As I walk through the Valley of the Shadows of Death
I don't see no one when I look to my left
But no bitch on my arm, I been rockin’ it right
I haven't found my home I been searchin’ for life
See we out here
Been movin
Can you feel that?
Straight groovin’
I know you ponder
What we doin’
I said we out here
Yeah The Ruined
So everybody better fucking scream shit
This is for y'all, uh, the freaks ‘n misfits
These flows are unmatched
Each word goes unmissed
Cleanse in the cold rain
Thrive in the sunset
And when the moon comes out
Is when we start our day
Not a goddamn thing will get in my way

(Not a goddamn thing will get in my way)

Go grab my shotgun
Thas’ the answer these days
Strapped up ‘n load
Point ‘n aim ‘n spray
Now everybody, everybody's body hit the floor
They don't even knock
When they kick down the door
They'll invade your mind
If you ask for more
But if you try to climb
They'll leave your ass on shore
Now I’m talkin’ stranded aye
Fuckin’ outlandish aye
I ain't from this planet nah
Some basement bandits yah
Stay true to yourself and believe in nothing
We are what we are dawg
At least we're somethin’
Confused but I am at peace
Cuz one day we'll all be
In the belly of the beast
So I stand here two feet
My tongue speak in sync
With those below me
If you know what I mean
I like how you think


We the new kids so what it do
You got cough
I got a lung for you
You believe in me
We believe in you
I'm tryna shed light when it's cold and blue
My suitcase packed
I got shit to do
Suitcase packed
I got shit to prove
We the new kids so what it do
I would run...If I were you
[Verse 2]
Welcome to our barren jungle muhufucka
Frozen wastelands of dreams that'll crumble
All this time I have remained humble
Now I move witta regime
Boy you in trouble
It's the bilingual skill set
Double bass bumpin’
Of one single fist pumpin’
Up in the air
While I'm smashin’ these pumpkins
On ya front porch
Bitch do somethin’
Bitch get mad
C’mon bitch break somethin’
Now a bitch sad
‘Cuz my crew did sumn
Got love for all the people really gave this shit a couple listens
More than jus’ a project
Yeah the start of a never ending mission
Life ain't been the same
And from the bottom of the heart I'm spittin’
Anyway it's safe to say
(say what)
The Ruined here to fuckin’ stay
(wait what)
Maybe by the end of May
(fuck u talkin’ ‘bout)
Might jus’ roll up everyday
Take a trip down south
See my fam and smoke grade A
Slum it out in H-Town
Number Three ahead of the game
Multiracial compound
But my skin a lighter shade
Know what I'm talkin‘ ‘bout
Okay okay
Listen real close
Escuchen atentamente hoe
Yo estoy comprometida ah
Me encanta el juego ya
Pero tu eres maquina uh
They like “what that boy mean?”
They forgot how to dream
‘n I see with clarity
Wit’ a handful of blue ‘n white beans
I pledge a redder me
A better me
That better be
Better than you have ever seen
Rollin up my evergreenz
Like “bitch what the fuck do you mean?”
That's what I’m calling my weed
Now can you please jus’ tell me
What the fuck Wes ever means
I can’t

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