Land of the Free


Big Krit watup

Walk with me

Verse 1:
If I would ever be president I'd probably be smoking weed inside the Air Force One
Then go to war until the Air Force come
Not talking no Muslim regimes that's pushing extremes
I'm talking about the real terrorists that's pulling the strings
So Dear President , yeah we're out here strapped with guns
The real Terror Squad ain't got Joey Crack or Pun
Twist the truth so their lies look like facts to some
Take all this money but don't plan on giving back to none
The false prophets with non-profits to funnel money through it
The daughters and sons of Judas
If I was president I would've hired a couple shooters
Take out the senate with a sniper
Bet if I was white
Would consider me to date your daughter and fuck her before I marry her
But we stay in our area
That's the way of America the beautiful pharmaceuticals - 9 to 5 inside a cubicle institutional racism
First it's slavery then it was lynching and genocide
During segregation now it's convictions of petty crimes
So our prisons get filled with blacks
Basically it's back to slaves, for real that's facts
They got me fighting back tears, struggling watching 13th on Netflix and I ain't even black dawg
But homie I'm human
I mean we can't do everything but we can do something
Who gon react dawg?
Where you at dawg?
Can I break away
Will I ever be free
In the land of the free

Verse 2:
Born in Cali I was raised in the Netherlands Amsterdam where I stayed I've been repping since
I was the popular kid because I was American
But nowadays that shit's embarrassing
When your president's so unintelligent
Doing desperate deeds
Slamming the doors on these refugees
So un-American
So shout out to my Mexicans and Muslims too
We got family members that stuck at customs too
All our females out here fighting for justice too
While the president's grabbing pussy like he's Huxtable
Studies show he's a malignant narcissist according to psychologists at Johns Hopkin's
I'll tweet out the link, dawg
And next time a black kid gets shot and the officer walks away, we gon' pull out them things, dawg
As usual the underdog's at a loss
The rich continues to get richer at the cost of the poor
Credit cards overcharged , can't get out of the slump
Change is always starting tomorrow, I doubt it'll come
Home Of The Brave, where cowards is from Land Of The Free, where they kill us and blame it on a Saudi with guns
Our oval office run by them corporate sponsors
How the fuck do you sleep though, all of that on your conscious
So from Nixon and Reagan
Bill and Hillary satan
The Bush administration's
They got us all caged in the land of the free...
Outro (Jason French):
America how beautiful you was

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