Kenny the Shark

Kenny the Shark Theme Song


Well he used to live in the sea but he had another plan
So he packed up all his things and he moved himself to land
And on that very day
A girl named Kat would say
Mom, dad
I wanna pet that I'm gonna love
He's not a cat or a dog or a frog or a hog
He's something different, something special
Kenny, Kenny the Shark
I want Kenny, Kenny the Shark
[Kenny]: When do we eat?
[Kat]: Later Kenny
[Dad]: Honey she's talking to that shark again

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About "Kenny the Shark Theme Song"

Kenny the Shark is a television series that began in 2003 and ended in 2005. It consisted of 2 seasons with
a total of 26 episodes. It was featured on the channels NBC and Discovery Kids. Unlike alot of theme songs which have a long version then shorten it for show purposes this is the full theme song.

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