Genius Users Cypher #5


[Verse 1:mechagarfield22]
They wan diss even if they diss missed but I won’t dismiss
Boy got room on my schedule, like I was on Love it or List it
My back towards em, lookout for when they pull stuff
Exposed these sheeple, got they wool cut
Raised the bar like I ain’t know how to do pull ups
The red liquid at the 0 and they wonderin if I is cold
I’m sick, got em sick, bottle of Tums and pour a cup of the Bismol
I’m sick, got em sick, get me to stop but that ain’t graphite in my pencil
You babble and act stupid, next to your ear the mula
They rap like they just shot a glance at Medusa
It’s Mechagodzilla, shells on my fingertips
Try playin wit me, spend on a Bandai action figures then
Ah, put these suckers down, new lyrics, new spirits
Yeah your rims are fine, but who steer it?
It hurts when you try to handle it, like you ripped of the back of Anguiris
Try to look rich and a dollar store owner realize he don’t have his gold chains
Y'all just try to make it look like you got more material on you than John Coletrain
Eharmony to yall is skill to me, no matches
Y'all in the wrong place like an Athiest handling a collection basket
Just poured fuel on the pavement and lit the tip of my matchstick
[Verse 2:ImaCringeWorthySlimBrady ]
Y'all can’t see me I’m fogging up eyeglasses
Fuck an eye test I rather rewind the flickering of your eyelashes
Foreshadowing, I’m backtracking to where the magic happened
I’m Walt Disney with a top hat pulling out rabies infected rabbits
Call this 24/6, but there’s no seventh day access
The day I created still needs much needed assets
The key is patience for my patients for this malpractice
Ugh, You ain’t putting suckers down
You more like a suck up, you the worst of both worlds Bozo the clown
Word around town is you ain’t saying shit, after this verse where you at now?
That’s rights, nowhere to be found call this a sucker free countdown
I’m blowing a fucking ounce, you can smell that the air is free flowing loud
You won’t ever be able to do pulls up cuz I hold this bitch down
I’m the one that stands out but I’m lounging at a table so round
Meaning my head is superglued to the fucking crown
Nothing on this earth can stop me unless I’m six feet under this earth beneath the ground
And you can’t match up pound for pound
Chances you have against me are remote, thats mute button, no sound
Ugh, i insist on incest cause I’m such a motherfucker
Y'all just classified as pacifiers, nothing but fucking suckers
By the way you should really practice what you preach
Know when your thought process channels evil plots before you speak
Sometimes there’s chemical imbalances for us to always seek
Even though very bleak
We all still have urges cause we’re human and anxiousness reaches its peak
What lingers is clouded imagery with the potential to be soul sucking
It’s like a bunch of fetishes that come together and start fucking
Always redeem this malfunction
I’m always in control of this panic room aka the demon under your mattress
Make us watch a funeral staring at your open casket
When I decide to pull you towards this hell on earth and fry you on its axis
And pull a fast one on you by taking your life before a director says action
Get it abducted faster then a paparazzi member’s camera when it flashes
I stay in the lead and you’re like sipping a liter of lean, slower then molasses
I drop bombs bitch and you’re barely armed with Tim Tebow passes
These are lyrical drones, the war on terror to other rappers is so tragic
On top of it all is where I end up on a every year average
You’re just scared shitless from a paranoid sickness, Ima modern day Black Sabbath
With a mercenary mentality that’s consisted with gunslinging tactics
I do it bigger then a muscle head who’s a performing enhancer addict
This rap shit I got it wrapped up like basket weave fabric
Trust me when it comes to her head it’s fantastic
She’s a fucking brain teasing fanatic
(Don’t get me started cause you’ll be finished)
[Verse 3: Automic]
My lyrics swarm you like invisible goons
Stripped and abused never question if it's fiction or true
Enemies sink in mud as they're slithering through
Picture their doom with each syllable I spit in the booth
I'll never be sorry for what I'm driven to do you fucking do Gooders boo me until you sit in your room
And as you look in the mirror your insecurities' true
Coz the man you sees me, not what your similar to
Rap genius, I stab genies till they
Grant me three wishes in obedience
I think quickly then I sink whiskey
Only one answer hits me and well, it is easy
One, two, three bullets for you
One in each knee till you cry for the end
That's one bullet left you want it right in your head
But see it's three days til you bleed out or die from the lead
So I leave the last for you to pick up instead
Attempt to physically inject it into your head
Pressing it in I know you wish you were dead
Exit the room as I picture the rest

[Verse 4: creepinbehindyou]
Pull up in my new car
Ya’ll done took it too far
Put these rappers in a jar
Put it on my shelf
0nly worried bout myself
You lookin like an elf
My house so big it done fell through the ground
Wait a minute now i’m takin you down
I don’t see no more fake rappers around
See me on my James Bond rappin
Gambino influenced everything i be tappin
Don’t wanna see me around you
Don’t care about you
Ain’t listenin to you
Just give me a minute
They told me i couldn’t do it but I came up in KC
See my raps be on high seas
Deep sea
Find me
I’m lost
Find me…
[Verse 5: PgBack]
This is me, beat or acapella
Witness this spectacular vernacular
A dracula mixed with tarantula flatulence
In a spatula within a hat full of black mula
A rap killer with a Mac Miller, Macklemore and Meek Mill skill
Fuck trap dab filler that’s crap litter
I’m a take it back to the imac in time lapse
You can mime the fake shit rap, or get attacked by a sly cat
Catalayst, Catch a hit then rhyme back and fry wax

Over and Out

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About "Genius Users Cypher #5"

Actually,number 6, hosted by Kenzin0 as he didn’t like the Auditorium beat for number 5.

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