Wassup (lyrics) Prod by YungFly
Wassupp with it?
I'm the man of the hour no tankteh
Fresh dressed to death like kangkweh
No play with me coz I be na man weh
E under belle no fine i fit just paple
Work dey Pascal say we do tackle
I must get my own boy I go rackle
Even though i no di shack for my pady mean dem shack dey
These rappers dem no dey my class listen all I make is classics
Paint a picture of the slum see it's graphic
Spitting fire out the mouth raps acid
Ankara print on chalèy peep the fabric
Oluwa Jesus is God no juju or magic
Music weh wuna di make is str8 tragic
But no wahala
No palava
C’est comme les white dire je suis le sauveur de ce jeu so maka you no panic

Mate oh
Me I no be na ya mate e oh
Level oh
You no dey for my level oh
Hate oh
They see me di hate e oh
Careful oh
Me I just dey careful oh

I'm career driven, no chauffeur
They be sleeping on my skills, no sofa
I been through the worse of sufferation
Moved away from life in a tougher nation
So when you see me eating join the celebration
Trust me its all good no explanation
Food for thought in the bars feed the masses
Na papa God e sefsef bless di one they no fit match this
From the streets where the hunger for the bread got them reaching for the toast
Mboko mehn dem no di play yo they always do the most
Boy you know I rep the King worship the LORD of host
I be like juju weh e don cut rope
Wusai nkoh dey
Masa work dey
I no di fear me any man
Or even anything
Begin di run ya mop
I go lock ya mop e go look like you drink na grenadine

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About "Wassup"

this is RifleX 2nd single release in 2017. offifical music video out 2.27.17

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