Pay homage


($ T O R M)
Finally im coming from the bottom of the dome
Tunes blasting all up in my room
When the clock strikes noon, i said momma ill be back soon
Im going super saiyan
Money chasin steady blazing
With some models stepping on the gas and im going full throttle
Jawting down rhymes like im aristotle
Just a klass klass rapper
And a sweet trapper
Call my line hit my line analyze my mind
And you will find the inlighting crane(something) in my mind
I close my eyes and going up high i wish i had moe
I wish i never grew up poe
But if you ever know to stay humble
And when life starts to tumble
I hide away and bundle
Vacant away in my zone
And run away in my home
Im not in it foe the fame
Just wanna get rich
And make a change
Its husftle
But in a world full of lies
You betta hustle
Just-an ordinary man with a scholar plan
I write like genius
I land on venus
I think strategic
I will swarm your squad with my legion
Betta pay homage
You owe me your "legiance"
Exspecially with the fact
Ima hit you wit da barreta
And see you splat
On the canvas
Your thought of victory will vanish
Without practice
Comes no reaction
For your satisfaction
Im swervin like an assasin
They know me as $ T O R M
Beware you have been warned
Rap is my soulfood
To kindle up the good news
I was never pushed over
Tougher than that
And if i catch you on my block
Be prepared to get your socks knot
Im da realest one
Right now im always flowing on the mic
Tryna get it right
(i live this life C.A.M and $ T O R M)

Fight on the mic
On sight its alright
Take flight neverland
Bitches from another land
And thats where im headed if they dont understand
Bitch i bought a can i got fans on the stands
Im curry with the shot
Blurry but im hot
Time is money so im looking at the clock
Booking waiting watch
Yeah the cooking never stop
We the realist on the rise
And im rolling with the flock
Coming through your speeker
Like they took my reefa
Learned it on my own so i dont need a fucking teacher
So now im on these features
And they screaming from the bleachers

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