The MOB 03



[Intro: C03 & The Martian]
C03 ,The martian
Mob , Yeah We Killers
Money over Bitches my nigga

[Verse 1: C03]
Look around Look around (look around)
Ain't nobody Around you
Hear the Sound hear the sound (hear the sound)
That's the loud i be blazing
Look amazing i spend days in
Writing this shit
Killing this shit call me Dan Marino
Bitch we still spiting like we ate a Jalapeño
Lame ass Rappers With lame ass Lyrics (lame)
Money over bitches that's the Moto
Fuck around And get slapped Harder
6 Blunts to the head (yeah)
And we Screaming Fuck this bled (fuck em)
Can't see us cause we cooking (cooking)
We cooking this work yeah we Cooking (Cooking)
Wait lemme slow down take a hit
Higher flyer i see your girl when i desire
I was born and raised in hell that's why i got that fire
Angel And a devil at the same time Nigga Satanic smile
Whole squad with me and we all agree that you a liar
I make money not Exceptions
Fuck around and get lost nigga Inception
New ways to kill y'all Niggas inventions
If Life Is hard then my dick is harder
Only fear god and karma (god)
Only Hear My niggas And my mama (mamma)
I'm Clever Motherfucker
I Fuck your honey and she Gets no money

[Verse 2: The Martian]
And she Gets no money?
She only gets carrots bugs bunny
I would laugh with you niggas but you ain't that funny
Couldn't find love shit i'm so cold
The devil is a character i'm just playing his role (diablo)
Don't follow me i ain't no role
Hey doc is it cool if she swallows ?
(yeah nigga that's cool)
I'm immortal call me dead pool
I don't care about that girl i just use her sex tool
Get it ? now forget it , i mean forget her fool
I'm flyer than the birdman
Y'all niggas don't understand
I'm at the top (the top)
Reach me if you can
My my my style is hard to imitate
I want that check now better not late
We already told you niggas that we are great
Imma pray for you niggas than celebrate

[Hook: C03]
Higher Flyer
Niggas hating on us cause we higher flyer
Your bitch wanna fuck with us cause we higher flyer
Smoking on that good so we higher flyer
Higher Flyer
Niggas hating on us cause we higher flyer
Your bitch role us the weed cause we higher
Smoking on that loud so we higher flyer

[Verse 3: The Martian]
Once again once again Running this shit call me the president
Living on your minds and i never paid the rent
2 faces live or die Harvey dent
Naked pics nigga that's what she sent
Wanna have sex nigga that's what she meant
Role the joint Oh bae Obey (It's Lit)
Swag on point Rozay like swae (swag)
Imma Hot Boy Call me Juvenile
I took your girl's pussy for a Souvenir
She said don't stop until i moan
C03 is a doc your hoe is a nurse Lets Shoot some Porn
Imma wrong Doc !

[Verse 4: C03]
What's Wrong what's right ? (huh)
Ask me what's good I'll tell you what's Life (yeah)
Asked her what's nice she went straight to the head
You heard what i said You heard what i said ?
I lost my mind but i ain't looking for it (nah)
My nigga called me PAC u mad nigga ? sue us (sue us)
We smoking on them flowers and Your bitch the florist (trees)
This is our city y'all niggas tourists (yeah)
We taught them everything now they trying spook us ? (haha)
It's just me my niggas and some hookahs (hookahs)
Flow Sick I'm the doc I can heal it (yes sir)
Beat dead yeah we killed it can't you feel it ? (rip)
Stars in the rising yeah we lit like Bic take a flick
Just one more hit than we might just quit
Nah nigga that's never y'all niggas Sweeter than Graham Heather
Ma nigga i'm the champ like Floyd Mayweather
Chloë grace Moretz Y'all niggas are cuter (pow pow)
If i'm in the song then you know it's dope
I'm so fucking high u couldn't see me with a telescope

[Outro: C03]
We the future
Shout-out my nigga Bou
Shout-out my nigga Zee
The mob nigga

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About "Higher"

“Higher” Is first song of the upcoming mix-tape
“ We The Future ” , it’s about staying high of weed and staying flyer than other niggas .

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Mixing Assistant Zee