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Back To Life


Any night day hour I'm a manage to be
A skinny white-boy Arab Latin rapper for peace
With y'all it's here today, gone tomorrow
When I'm just here to stay, nonchalant
If I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth
I must have spat it out, as soon as I figured out
How to spit on shit I'm mad about
Recording music, enjoying cruising
Bestowing bruises, employing ruses
And throwing clues is my life, and I'm out
Times are rough it's getting tough
That's why I rhyme thus
With diligence, honestly
It's me I'm never tired of
Pushing the limit, in gimmicks I'm never tied up
I'm healing open wounds
Hoping you won't try and rub
Don't try and steal or rob
'Cause soon we could admire Love
As something that's so rare and beautiful
It's what I died of
But came back to life, remain bad but nice
It's never bad advice, it's like I'm falling up
And as for martial practice
Coming at them with an arching strike
Give lessons to professionals
Teaching them to be acting right
Connecting more than half of life
History of massive riots
To protect the kids who have a right
Man we have to try it
You can't deny that it's a noble intention
And when it's world Wide
Homie it's a global intervention
But not with armies, with arms and legs that I mention
Use your mastery of Self to shed your indoctrination
Once your insecurities are checked
Stop procrastinating
And truly invest, create unique vibrations
It's in your interest to be honest and not hating
In your inner eye spirits are giving you visitations
Destined manifestations, presentations of our elevations
The lessons from meditation. Mediation
From frustration can come alleviation
Lead the nation
From displacement into reanimation
From disgrace into the greatest wisdom
Humbleness knows no opposition
Potion can be hope or poison
When it's a gift of reason
As long as you're true to yourself
There can never be treason
Just make your music if you're a musician
Art's for artists of life
Your heart is right with them
Find your use and study it with precision
Love is first a fleeting feeling, then a decision
Switch sides and not on a dick ride
Never three sixes, rather gather six nines
Clever sneak bitches
That I never would spit shine
To deceased snitches, I dedicate this line:
Karma is an instrument of Fate divine
So if you waste time being fake it's a quick slide
So quit lying, and picture a big sign saying
"Playing is fine, but the day is to be picked, right?"
So I could make it rock, pop, lock or stop
With a written rhyme or a freestyle that's off the top
But I'll never shine brighter than the most modest of pops
Because we all have the potential
Inside us to make it hot
Let's make it proper, let's make it shock;
To not only be the author but a Liver of Hip Hop
I refuse to be a sinner with my hand on my cock
But it's so hard to be a winner in the Land of the Lost
See the world is defined by how it is viewed
So look into your mind t
To visualise it in it's Howard Hughes
Don't let them tell you what you can
Or Emmanuel Kant do
Print the Wu-Tang manual as a tattoo
Drink chai tea, think tai chi and kung fu
The system is within them
Don't let them use it against you!
We're all made up of little Huey P neutrons
We got the Malcolm X factor
We want to produce songs
We are the Hip Hop Generation
We want real-talk education
They want to make us into mental patients
But I'm the Dr Dre of no relation
So ain't a G thing when I regulate them
And then remind you to cut back the hatred
Because when I say "peace" in my raps
That's verbatim
I got 2pacs of knowledge:
1 is there's no Biggie as long as you're honest
The other is a Big Pun the industry punished
They want us thinking Hip Hop vanished
But it's underground, Ol' Dirty & unpolished
They killed brothers
And they had their sounds banished
So I have to hold it down
For the dead son's daughters
There's no point in being strapped
If they brought guns too
For now I'll stick to my rap
Homie I read Sun Tzu
An Arab Aryan who's half a vegetarian
My rap is happily burying anybody scary then
A Barbarian with a malarian rap
Aware of the traps
Wearing them down on the mat
Tearing the town off the map, I'm daring them
Round 1 of attack, I'm derriering them
You can't fuck with this cat veterinarian
Error to enact, terror on the track
Throw you down the Fred Astair
And then a merry a tap dance
On your cemetery, the bastard
Burn the university and bury your masters
Because it looks bleak we bring a positive streak
Don't bother feeling weak
When you're travelling on the street
With internal martial arts and marvelling of the Chi
Your center rotates, gravitation lifts them off their feet
I'm on some "turn the other cheek."
Because the meek will inherit what they merit
And what they achieve
So what I'm trying to reach is being true to my ideal
I'm being real, being true to Me is my philosophy
I preach what I practice
I'm practicing being a teacher
I will speak and be honest
I gotta stay a believer
Though I'm cynical, this ritual is me
And your ear's the receiver
And it was never clear who's the deceiver
But another year wondering to take it or leave her
Make it or break it relieve her
Struggle of mother earth
It's nothing but words, I hear her, it hurts
No one gets their just deserts
I wonder should we just desert

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