Mago the Guy

Hear Dis (Remix)


Step too close to me and you might get greased
Almost a fifth of a mil on the cloud, man I am pleased
And if you please, side with the squad and get what you need
That's 320, mans in my ends all know about we
Like 1, 2, 3, clap, clap to the sound of the beam
905, I'm a don in the streets
They call me Vegeta, 'cause I'm so elite
Y'all starving while I eat
Y'all get billed with no receipt
Mans still wanna claim that I'm cheap? Uh
Why you looking at me, stop that
Y'all mans swinging at me, stop that
Can't give it all for free, I need to stop that
If you're so street, come to the burbs for me
I swear you should stop that
After IG dropped, all mans thought I ain't heat anymore
Used to fear attention and fame, but it's not that scary anymore
Now I'm here, Canada doing grime, can't touch me anymore
I don't need anymore, man I'm blessed
But I want it, yes
My cut cost more than your stupid watch, but I don't flaunt
Got more girls than gossip yeah
Bottle of xans, don't pop it yeah
If you come through see my team, you can't stop yeah
Nah blood, nah blood, I got too excited, yeah
After all the songs with zero plays, look at what I've been through
Now man come out of nowhere, repeat on thing, and like, who are you
I walked through this city and I promise you, I don't know you
I know Josh, he knows everybody here and he don't know you
MacKenzie's been fam since grade 5 and he don't know you
Sagar's been here for so, so long, and he don't know you
Wanna be sick in rap? Yeah that's fine, but we don't know you
One song on SoundCloud, don't talk to me, man I don't know you
I know Hawkinz from way back in New man and he don't know you
I know Outliers from Bryce, and they don't know you
Roy Woods handed me drink in school and he don't know you
So brush up, just go, be sully
Big frightening man, y'all running from nothing
I'm too fly, big up yourself, I'm too fly
I've been rating mans that don't deserve it so it's "see you, bye,"
If I was you, I'd give up on life, I'd just leave and die
But I might just have to change my name to Roman Reigns, just cause, I'm that guy
Dunno Rocky, climbed up the stairs, ain't weak anymore
I've been liking Marvel since way back, I'm not a geek anymore
I lost bare weight, voice got deep, I'm no freak anymore
Peng tings sending too much nudes so why are there leaks anymore?
No leaks anymore, music out so quick can't compete anymore
All this switch up around my ends, I don't know who I be anymore
But what up, I'm so sick, I could never shut up
Yeah Stormz, hashtag problem, I never never shut up
Oops, I did that remix and the grime game's nice
All the jumpsuits, track jumpers ain't no ice
So mans over there can get my respect, all my love and care
Guess that's nothing new, since Lethal Biz, I've been rating bear
Like Leave it Yeah, Arsenal man an idiot man
All mans know I'm always blue, so let's just leave it there
Yeah, I'm hype, Champagne Papi, my email's there
That's J El Mago at Gmail, I will see you there
So yeah, I want the crown, crown
I will pummel these clowns, clowns
Looking at the bottom for that sponge to clean up around town
Surround sound, yeah that bumps
Remix, no theft, I'm not Trump
Thanks to all I am finally here
Blessed life, high school is finally clear
Everything I expected is a clear miss
But you will see me at the Junos, man hear dis

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