Big shouts out to my #piazzasquad, where you at!

Boy did you even think about what you have done
He's got 56 years and you got perhaps one
Before you even tried to step to someone else
There's four loopy questions you should have asked yourself

Number 1: does it start right, is it even true?
Wouldn't be so sure if I was inexperienced like you
Number 2: does it stop right, do you even know?
Clearly not, or you would have stopped two questions ago
Number 3: does it make progress toward the goal?
He's got 56 years on you, I think he would know
Number 4: does it keep the invariant true?
It's not as important to me as it should be to you

Cuz he can't catch shade that you don't know how to throw
From a questionable loop invariant that didn't hold
It's the proper way to verify the loop with four questions
That's why he's Dr Java and you're just an exception

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